Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike

Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, passed at the Session of 1838 . Richmond: Thomas Ritchie, 1838.

CHAP. 136. - An ACT to provide for the construction of a turnpike road from Staunton to Parkersburg.

(Passed March16, 1838.)

1. Be it enacted by the general assembly, That the board of public works be, and they are hereby authorized and directed to cause to be constructed a turnpike road from Staunton, through the Dry branch gap, to Parkersburg. The said board shall possess, and may exercise all the powers, and shall be subject to all the duties and restrictions in relation to the road herein provided for, as are given to and imposed upon the president and directors of the North-western turnpike road, by the act providing for the construction thereof, passed March the nineteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, except so far as is herein otherwise specially directed. The said road shall be commenced and completed as speedily as the same can be done consistently with a due regard to the interest of the state. It shall no where exceed a grade of four degrees, nor shall be more than twenty feet wide, nor less than fifteen feet, exclusive of side ditches. The principal engineer shall proceed without delay to the performance (in relation to the road herein provided for,) of the duties enjoined upon him by the aforesaid act.

2. Be it further enacted, That in order to defray the expense of constructing the said road, the said board of public works be, and they are hereby empowered to borrow on the credit of the state from time to time, such sums of money not exceeding in the aggregate one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, as may be necessary therefor, agreeably to such provision as may be contained in any general act authorizing loans for purposes of internal improvement, passed at the present session of the general assembly. But if no such act be passed, then the said loan shall be effected upon the terms and conditions prescribed by the aforesaid act of the nineteenth of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-one.

3. This act shall be in force from its passage.