Wreck on the C&O

Monroe Watchman
October 30, 1890

Accident to the Vestibule

This morning, as the east bound vestibule train was going round a curve near the mouth of Greenbrier river, it ran into a rock that had fallen from the cliff, and the engine, tender, baggage car and postal car were derailed, the baggage car and tender going over embankment. Three of the train men were injured, on of them fatally, but none of the passengers were hurt. The injured are:

Engineer Geo. Alley, of Clifton Forge, left arm broken in two places, right leg broken, and terribly scalded. He died at 11 o'clock this morning.

Fireman Lewis Withrow, of Hinton, badly scalded on the arms, neck and side.

Fireman S. Foster, of Staunton, badly bruised. Foster was an extra fireman on his way home.

The passengers had a narrow escape as but for the slackening of the train's speed at the curve, all the coaches would have gone over the embankment into the river. The railroad company should have extra watchmen at the points of the road where land slips are likely to occur, in such weather as we had last night, and perhaps some of these costly accidents might be avoided. - Hinton Independent