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West Virginia and the Civil War: Annotated Bibliography
West Virginia State Archives Civil War Manuscripts, Special Collections, and Archival Holdings
Civil War Adjutant General Papers
West Virginia Union Regiments
West Virginia Union Militia
West Virginia Union Militia Letters
West Virginia State Service Commission Records
West Virginia Civil War Medals
Sketches by Joseph H. Diss Debar
Civil War and Statehood Photographs


Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
Sesquicentennial Moments
"Military Events in West Virginia During the Civil War, 1861-1865," by Allen W. Jones
List, African American Soldiers from West Virginia
List, Recruiting Officers in West Virginia
Reminiscences, by T.B.A. David, 1908
Researching Your Civil War Ancestor
The Civil War in West Virginia
"The First West Virginia Infantry" (West Virginia History)
"Loyalties in Conflict: Union and Confederate Sympathy in Barbour County," by John W. Shaffer (West Virginia History)
"The Civil War Comes to Charleston," by Roy Bird Cook (West Virginia History)
"Fayetteville, West Virginia, During the Civil War," by Mary Elizabeth Kincaid (West Virginia History)
"Loyalty and Civil Liberty in Fayette County During the Civil War," by Lou Athey (West Virginia History)
"The McNeill Rangers: A Study in Confederate Guerrilla Warfare," by Simeon Miller Bright (West Virginia History)
"The Confederate Postal Service in West Virginia," by Boyd B. Stutler (West Virginia History)
"War-Time Reminiscences of James D. Sedinger, Company E, 8th Virginia Cavalry (Border Rangers)" (West Virginia History)
"Confederate Soldiers: Why Did They Enlist?" (Part One), by Michael Baxter Shock (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"Confederate Soldiers: Why Did They Enlist?" (Part Two), by Michael Baxter Shock (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
The Battle Flags Of The State (Fifth [West] Virginia)
"Five Tri-State Women During the Civil War," by Claudia Lynn Lady (West Virginia History)
War Claims of West Virginia and Its Citizens, 1874 Speech of Sen. Henry G. Davis


Guyandotte Meeting, 20 April 1861
Destruction of Harpers Ferry Armory
Cleon Moore: War Incidents
Roster of the Jefferson Guards
"The Beginning: Philippi, 1861," by Ruth Woods Dayton (West Virginia History)
Battle of Philippi
George S. Patton to James C. Welch, 16 June 1861
"Rich Mountain Revisted," by Dallas B. Shaffer (West Virginia History)
Battle of Rich Mountain
Letter Describing the Battle of Cheat Mountain
The Battle of Carnifex Ferry
"The Tragic Fate of Guyandotte," by Joe Geiger Jr. (West Virginia History)
Burning of Guyandotte (Time Trail)
The Battle of Allegheny Mountain
Burning Of Sutton


Battle of Blue's Gap (Time Trail)
Burning of Princeton During Civil War (Time Trail)
Battle of Lewisburg
General John Fremont Evacuates the Town of Franklin (Time Trail)
Destruction of Mercer Salt Works
Siege of Harpers Ferry (Time Trail)
Sinking Creek Raid


Jones-Imboden Raid (Time Trail)
The Battle of Fairmont
George W. Peterkin to Father (from Gettysburg), 7 July 1863
The Battle of Bulltown
Battle of Droop Mountain
Joseph A. J. Lightburn to George, 17 June 1863


Capture of the Government Steamer B. C. Levi
John Price to Jacob M. Rife, 24 October 1864
Death of Captain Phillip Thurmond
"The Raid on Piedmont and the Crippling of Franz Sigel in the Shenandoah Valley," by Richard R. Duncan (West Virginia History)
Death of John Hanson McNeill (Time Trail)
McNeill's Rangers Last Raid on the B & O (Time Trail)
Execution of John Yates Beall


Sources on Belle Boyd
"A Civil War Diary From French Creek: Selections From the Diary of Sirene Bunten," edited by Stephen Cresswell (West Virginia History)
"Nathan Goff, Jr., in the Civil War," by G. Wayne Smith (West Virginia History)
Sources on J. E. Hanger
Thomas Maley Harris
Sources on Nancy Hart
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson
"The Civil War Record of Albert Gallatin Jenkins, C.S.A.," by Flora Smith Johnson (West Virginia History)
General John McCausland
Letter, William H. Powell to H. J. Samuels, 1 May 1863 (Adjutant General Papers, Box 3, Folder 4)
Obituaries for William H. Powell
West Virginia Soldier Bugler at Surrender of General Robert E. Lee
Jesse Lee Reno
Joseph Snider Letters
David Hunter Strother
"Excerpts From Swann's 'Prison Life at Fort Delaware'," edited by Elizabeth Cometti (West Virginia History)

Post-War Activities

Confederate Monument Dedicated in Monroe County
Invitation to the Annual Reunion of the 36th Ohio Volunteers at Lewisburg
Sources on Anna Jarvis
Establishment of Mothers Day (Time Trail)
Annual Reunion of West Virginia Confederate Veterans
West Virginia Confederate Reunion, Beckley, 1918
Dedication of Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park
Program for the Seventieth Anniversary Celebration of the Battle of Carnifex Ferry

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