McDowell County


Population 2010 Census: 2,406
Median Age: 44 years

Courthouse: Completed 1894; additions in 1909 and 1963
Architect: Frank Milburn

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Formed: 1858
Named: In honor of James McDowell, Governor of Virginia, 1843-46
County Seat: Welch
Land in Square Miles: 533.46
Population 2010 Census: 22,113
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 41.5

Primary Sources Online
Harman in McDowell County, 1862
Hanging of John Hardy, 1894
Killing of William Johnson Tabor, 1921
Cincinnati Reds in Welch, 1924
Murder of Lewis Collins, 1924
Opening of Pocahontas Theater, 1928
Train wreck at Hemphill, 1936
Plane crash near Premier, 1942
1960 Presidential Campaign in McDowell County
Leon P. Miller, 1968

Photographs of Schools in McDowell County
Warren Keaton in Red Ash coal seam, McDowell County
Welch First Methodist Church

Secondary Sources Online
List of McDowell County Legislators
Elizabeth Simpson Drewry
"Strategies for Survival: Women's Work in the Southern West Virginia Coal Camps," by Janet W. Greene (West Virginia History)
"Segregation and Integration in the Appalachian Coalfields: McDowell County Responds to the Brown Decision," by Alice E. Carter (West Virginia History)
"Bringing Modern Medicine to the Mountains: Scientific Medicine and the Transformation of Health Care in Southern West Virginia, 1880-1910," by Sandra Barney (West Virginia History)

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Donald E. Addison
Enoch Bales Jr.
Marvin Everett Bales
Sykes Lee Beasley
Dencil Ray Blankenship
Robert L. Chambers
William Garnett Christian
Valentino Cerrini Colombo
Julius Cartwright Foster
Andrew Lee Greer
Clarence Edward Hagey
Norman W. Hall
Marshall Lee King
Phill Gene McDonald
Gordon Dean Perry
Woodrow Wilson Phillips
Bobbie Joe Ratliff
David Lee Sackett
James Ray Sargent
Charles Sarka
Robert Lee Smith
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History of the American Negro Biographies
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