Mineral County


Population 2010 Census: 5,439
Median Age: 36.1 years

Courthouse: Completed 1868; additions 1894 and 1941
Architect: C. G. Sims; Franzheim and Geisey; J. P. Blundon

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Formed: 1866
Named: For the mineral resources found there
County Seat: Keyser
Land in Square Miles: 327.83
Population 2010 Census: 28,212
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 86.1

Primary Sources Online
DAR purchase of Fort Ashby, 1927
Eisenhower Stop in Keyser, 1952
1960 Presidential Campaign in Mineral County

Civil War
Skirmish at Patterson's Creek, 1861
The New Creek Fight, 1861
From New Creek, 1861
Patterson's Creek Bridge, 1862
From New Creek, 1862
From New Creek Camp, 1862
Order from Milroy, 1862
The Fourteenth Camp Near New Creek, 1862
From the Fifteenth, 1863
Skirmish near Burlington, 1863
Cavalry Review at New Creek, 1863
Meeting of Battery D, 1st West Virginia, 1864
Skirmish at Patterson's Creek, 1864
Skirmish at Patterson's Creek, 1864
Descent of Guerillas on the Baltimore Road, 1864
Theft of a Horse, 1864
Tribute to Col. Mulligan, 1864
Fight at New Creek, 1864
Capt. Wright Kelley and the recent shooting at New Creek, 1864
Late Disaster at New Creek, 1864
Capture of Generals Kelley and Crook, 1865

Photographs of Schools in Mineral County

Secondary Sources Online
List of Mineral County Legislators
Frankfort, Agricultural Extention Community History
Mount Storm, Agricultural Extention Community History
Fort Ashby
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
"The McNeill Rangers: A Study in Confederate Guerrilla Warfare," by Simeon Miller Bright (West Virginia History)
"Early Land Grants and Settlers Along Patterson Creek," by Charles Morrison (West Virginia History)
"The Raid on Piedmont and the Crippling of Franz Sigel in the Shenandoah Valley," by Richard R. Duncan (West Virginia History)

West Virginia Veterans Memorial Biographies
Woodrow Wilson Barr
Jonah Edward Kelley
William Edward Shuck Jr.
Clarence Robert Stewart
James Aubrey Stewart

Teacher Resources

West Virginia Archives and History