J. McHenry Jones

Charleston Gazette
September 24, 1909

Judge M'Whorter Pays Tribute To J. M'Henry Jones

Dead Negro Educator Made Last and Splendid Speech at Epworth League Meeting

Judge H. C. McWhorter, formerly of the Supreme Court of Appeals, honors the late J. McHenry Jones, president of the West Virginia Colored Institute, in regarding him as a man who had the welfare of his race at heart and did much toward their uplifting.

Judge McWhorter and Mrs. McWhorter were in Seattle at the time the Epworth League convention met there last summer and writes in compliment of the deceased negro educator as follows:

To the Editor of the Gazette:

On our recent visit to the West, at Seattle we took in the convention of the International Epworth Leaguge [sic] of the Methodist Episcopal church, the Methodist Episcopal church, South, and the Methodist church of Canada. On the third day of the convention, addresses were made by speakers from all the churches represented, on the topic, "The Epworth League and the Enthronement," (of Christ). Prof. J. McHenry Jones, of Charleston, being one of the speakers. This was Prof. Jones' last appearance before a public audience; the hall was crowded to its utmost capacity, and although he was the last speaker, but one, and the hour was getting late and the people wearied, he held that vast audience og [sic] 6,000 or 8,000 in undivided attention to the close of his magnificent address, which was though by many to be the best and most eloquent made on that occasion. I heard very many expressions to that effect. We were made to feel proud of West Virginia. As Prof. Jones has just passed away, I think it due to his memory to say this of the last speech of his lef.


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