J. McHenry Jones

Charleston Gazette
September 26, 1909

Prominent Men Attend Funeral Of J. M'Henry Jones

Governor Glasscock Makes An Address, Beautiful Flowers Show Dead Man's Popularity

The last rites over the remains of J. McHenry Jones, the late president of the West Virginia Colored Institute, were held yesterday at that institution and all that is mortal of the great negro educator was laid to rest in a plot of ground adjoining the Institute campus.

The most prominent men in the state were present to attest the respect with which they regarded President Jones, the K. & M. noon train carrying three special coaches to accommodate the crowd.

Governor Glasscock Spoke.

Governor Glasscock was present and paid the man who was so thoroughly beloved by his race the most touching tribute. He drew many helpful lessons from the life of Prof. Jones and said he believed the future of the colored race lay in the doctrine of usefulness. He spoke of his long acquaintance with the deceased educator saying he had found him to be a big, broad minded, well-liked and patriotic citizen of West Virginia.

Rev. J. W. Waters was in charge of the ceremonies and read the obituary. He was assisted by Reverends J. V. Bryant and S. A. Thurston, of Huntington; W. E. Walker and S. R. Bullock, of Charleston, and J. W. Robinson, of St. Albans.

A feature of the funeral was the great number of floral offerings which were received from all sections of the country. Many prominent people from this and many other states were present, among them being Thomas Hodges and John Shepherd, of the State Board of Control; State Superintendent of Schools M. P. Shawkey, Superintendent of Charleston schools George E. Laidley, Judge H. C. McWhorter and Auditor J. S. Darst.

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