Doc of the Day


January 1
Death certificate for Hank Williams, January 1, 1953 (Vital Statistics).

January 2
Sales brochure for Enterprise Flour Mills, undated (Sc82-27).

January 3
Missive from William S. Morgan to Charles C. Morgan regarding gold mining business and awarding of Monongalia and Tyler mail routes to Colonel Willey, January 3, 1837 (Charles S. Morgan Collection).

January 4
Instructional card, “Possible Enemy Chemical Warfare Agents,” January 4, 1944 (Glenna Mullins Collection).

January 5
Letter from Virgil A. Lewis, first West Virginia state historian and archivist, requesting appropriations from Governor William A. MacCorkle for the West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Society, the forerunner of West Virginia Archives and History (Governor William Alexander MacCorkle Papers).

January 6
Transcript of speech of William Porcher Miles of South Carolina given in the House of Delegates, January 6, 1860. Miles designed the Confederate battle flag and is buried in Union (Carter/Faulkner Family Collection).

January 7
Correspondence from Rev. Charles E. McGhee asking Senator Howard Sutherland for assistance in making the “Colored Children’s Home” located in Huntington a state institution. January 7, 1911 (Howard K. Sutherland Collection).

January 8
Booklet from the dedication of the Ceredo Post Office, January 8, 1966 (Jennings Randolph Collection).

January 9
Turnpike receipt, January 9, 1838 (Ms80-254).

January 10
Survey notes and map of original Watters Smith farm, January 10, 1860 (Robert E. Beanblossom Collection).

January 11
Letter regarding the Northwestern Bank opening a branch in Morgantown, January 11, 1832 (Charles S. Morgan Collection).

January 12
Ticket for Cecil Underwood gubernatorial inauguration, January 12, 1997 (Sc2004-035).

January 13
Letter from William Howard Taft to J. Alfred Taylor, January 13, 1925. Taft was the only person to serve as president of the United States (1909-1913) and chief justice of the U. S. Supreme Court (1921-1930) (J. Alfred Taylor Collection).

January 14
La Belle cut nails price list, January 14, 1947 (Sc2004-059).

January 15
Letter from Herbert Hoover to Senator Howard Sutherland, January 15, 1918 (Howard K. Sutherland Collection).

January 16
Commission of Richard Parker as judge of the thirteenth judicial circuit of Virginia, January 16, 1851. In this role, Parker presided over the trial of John Brown (Ms80-296).

January 17
Correspondence to Emma C. Alderson from Congressman John Kee including Bill H. R. 10289, compensation for damages during the Civil War, January 17, 1936 (Alderson-Hamilton Collection).

January 18
Front page of the Virginia Telescope, West Columbia, Mason County, January 18, 1855 (Miscellaneous Newspapers).

January 19
Transcript of testimony for State of West Virginia vs. Sid Hatfield, et al. The murder trial, arising from the Matewan Massacre, began on January 26, 1921. Hatfield and his co-defendants were acquitted (Ar2027).

January 20
Report, Board of World’s Fair Managers of West Virginia to Governor William A. MacCorkle, January 20, 1894 (State Documents).

January 21
Program from the first National Holiday Observance of Martin Luther King Day, January 20, 1986 (State Documents).

January 22
Front page of The West Virginia Journal of Education, Morgantown, January 22, 1879 (MN-17).

January 23
Letter from Mrs. Harrie R. Chamberlain listing the YWCA centers and their work within the state, January 23, 1922 (Ms2012-021).

January 24
Invitation from Rev. Leon H. Sullivan to the 15th Anniversary Observation of Opportunities Industrialization Centers, January 24, 1979 (John M. Slack, Jr. Collection).

January 25
Dedicatory program for the Charleston Civic Center, January 25-30, 1959 (Sc2003-072).

January 26
Bill of Fare and wine list for the Hale House, Charleston, January 26, 1875 (Carter/Faulkner Family Collection).

January 27
Program, West Virginia Education Association Minority Concerns Conference, First Annual Awards Dinner, January 27, 1984 (Dr. John C. Norman Collection).

January 28
Governor William G. Conley’s Special Report to the Legislature on the Report of the Constitution Commission, January 28, 1931 (State Documents).

January 29
Booklet with the text of President George H. W. Bush’s State of the Union Address, January 29, 1991 (Bob Wise Collection).

January 30
Program, dedication of the City-County Building Wheeling, Ohio County, January 30, 1960 (Sc74-62).

January 31
Invitation from Senator John Sherman to Governor Jacob B. Jackson for the opening ceremonies of the Washington Monument, January 31, 1885 (Governor Jacob B. Jackson Papers).


February 1
Terra Alta High School yearbook, 1975 (Sc2005-003).

February 2
Executive Board Meeting minutes from February 2, 1941 meeting of the West Virginia Medical Society. The Society composed of Black Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists was organized in 1905. (Ms83-4).

February 3
Letter from country music star and Boone County native Billy Edd Wheeler, February 3, 2008. (Ms2015-034).

February 4
Letter to Governor Arthur Boreman urging the arrest of James Morehead as rebel spy from Charles Anderson Dana, Assistant Secretary of War, February 4, 1864. (Ar1723).

February 5
Cover of West Virginia State College newspaper announcing Dr. Thomas Cole Jr. as the eighth president of the school, February 5, 1982. (Ms88-185).

February 6
Cover of The Saturday Evening Post featuring an article on poverty in West Virginia, February 6, 1960. (Sc2003-97).

February 7
Gottlieb Fahrner letter to Senator Howard Sutherland, noting most people of Helvetia support Theodore Roosevelt for president, February 7, 1912. (Ms83-2).

February 8
Extradition request from Virginia Gov. James Pleasants to Tennessee Gov. William Carroll, February 8, 1825. (Ms80-99).

February 9
Letter from W. M. Blair urging Representative George Alderson to vote against the Salem town charter, February 9, 1903. (Ms83-23).

February 10
Letter from Florida State University head football coach Bobby Bowden to sportswriter Bill Smith, February 10, 2009. (Ms2010-035).

February 11
Jed Hotchkiss letter to Governor William MacCorkle requesting advance pages from the Report of the Mine Inspectors for an article, February 11, 1895. (Ar1730).

February 12
Program from the Sixth Annual Cornforth Declamatory Contest at Storer College, February 12, 1919. (Sc2002-013).

February 13
Granville Parker remarks on the emancipation clause, February 13, 1862. (Ms79-224).

February 14
Early Valentine card, undated. (Ms2015-059).

February 15
John C. Norman, West Virginia Board of Architects license, 1922 (Ms2014-073).

February 16
Program for Black History Month: Black Women in American Culture and History, February 16, 2012 (Ar2083).

February 17
Lovely Zion Baptist Church service flyer, Vivian, February 17, 1991. (Ms200-139).

February 18
Stock certificate for the Hempfield Rail Road Company, which operated from Wheeling to Washington, Pennsylvania until being reorganized as the Wheeling, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore Railroad in 1857. (Sc2002-012).

February 19
Letter from Drusilla Ann Morgan regarding deed for public square made by Zackquill Morgan to Morgantown. (Ms79-1).

February 20
Senate resolution honoring Marian McQuade, founder of National Grandparents’ Day, 1996. (Ms2011-098).

February 21
Robert E. Lee letter to John C. Breckinridge, Secretary of War, CSA, 1865. (Ms82-30).

February 22
Program, First Baptist Church Black Heritage Cultural Series, 1976. (Ms88-185).

February 23
Map of Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel coal properties, 1922. (Ms2018-024).

February 24
Program polio banquet, Fayette County March of Dimes, Montgomery, 1951. (Sc2007-076).

February 25
Request to State Senator Joseph S. Lewis to support ratification of the 19th Amendment, 1920. (Ms2008-023).

February 26
Official Report from the Governor’s Ad Hoc Commission of Inquiry on the Buffalo Creek Flood and Disaster. (Ms2014-018).

February 27
Letter, D. D. T. Farnsworth to Father and Mother, 1869, written while Farnsworth was serving a seven-day term as governor of West Virginia. (Ms2005-041).

February 28
Letter from William Morgan to Charles C. Morgan concerning the dangers of war with Britain, 1839. (Ms79-1). (State Documents).

February 29
Pension agreement between Window Glass Cutters League of America AFL-CIO and Libbey Owens Ford Company, 1956. (Ms2003-002).


March 1
Notary Public certificate for Rosalind Carroll Funk, private secretary for Governor Clarence Meadow, 1947. (Sc2007-076)

March 2
Front page of the proceedings to impeach Secretary of War William W. Belknap, 1876. Facing impeachment for the Trader Post Scandal, Belknap resigned on March 2, 1876. Both Houses continued with impeachment procedures that resulted in an acquittal. (Ms83-23)

March 3
Letter from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to Anderson Brown concerning lifetime membership, 1955. (Ms88-185)

March 4
"West Virginia: A Good Place in Which to Live," Address of Senator Howard Sutherland, 1923. (Ms2006-040)

March 5
Wright Brothers letter requesting “about 60 ft. of the finest possible spruce for use in constructing flying machines,” 1904. (Ms2009-140)

March 6
Letter from William Hoffman to Governor Arthur I. Boreman informing him of the release of Spicer H. Patrick (nephew of Dr. Spicer Patrick) and S. Overstreet, 1865. (Ar1723)

March 7
Cover of the booklet containing the speech of Hon. M. E. Matheny of Charleston, counsel for defendants given before the Military Commission in the case State of West Virginia vs. "Mother" Jones et al, Pratt, 1913. (Ar1989)

March 8
Arnold Miller letter to Judge Charles Haden, 1973. (Ms2009-042)

March 9
Correspondence between W. E. Mohler, Mohler Lumber Company, and C. L. Vickers regarding shipping timber, 1903. (Ms2009-091)

March 10
Letter from Hedgeman Slack offering the steamboat “Mountain Boy” to remove state officials with state records from Wheeling to Charleston, 1870. (Ar1724)

March 11
Program for the West Virginia Intercollegiate Conference Basketball Tournament held at West Virginia Wesleyan College, 1947. (Bumgardner Collection)

March 12
A. Dunn letter to Governor William MacCorkle requesting a proclamation to use the Odd Fellow Hall as a meeting place due to the burning of the Wayne County Courthouse, 1896. (Ar1730)

March 13
CSA register of vessel “Marshall” March 13, 1862. (Sc85-176)

March 14
City directory for the City of Wheeling and Ohio County, 1850.

March 15
Special Supplement to the Weston Independent, “Welcome POW's and Vietnam Vets, Lewis County For You 100%,” 1973. (Ms2013-029)

March 16
Correspondence from Dr. August Weissmann to William Henry Edwards regarding “Effect of Isolation in the Formation of Species,” 1872. (Ms79-2)

March 17
Program from the “Forty-Eight Annual Banquet of the Society of The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Washington, D.C.,” 1976. (Ms2017-016)

March 18
Report of the Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the West Virginia Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers, Dunbar Junior High School, Welch, 1943. (Ms2018-001)

March 19
Correspondence from Warden A. C. Scroggins to Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk B. B. Jarvis, regarding certification of execution of Harry Powers (Bluebeard of Quiet Dell), 1932. (Ar1965)

March 20
United States War Department letter signed by Jefferson Davis, 1856. (Ms80-168)

March 21
Postal cover and autograph, Randy Moss, Cultural Center, 2008. (Sc2008-050)

March 22
Shirley Donnelly, first year certificate, 1919.

March 23
Temple Israel Centennial Program, Charleston, 1973 (Ms2006-016)

March 24
Marion Barry letter to Dr. John C. Norman, 1983. (Ms2014-074)

March 25
Program, “Cinderella,” St. Albans High School, 1955. (Ms2009-008)

March 26
Program for the play "Breezy Point." (Ms2015-064)

March 27
Pan-Hellenic Dance, New River State College, 1931. (Ms2016-015)

March 28
John S. Carlile letter referring to an unspecified movement, 1862. (Ar1722)

March 29
The Mountaineer, newsletter from the USS West Virginia, 1941. (Sc89-51acc)

March 30
Sheet music for “Our West Virginia” by Jess Baker Schaub. (Sc85-24)

March 31
Winston Churchill letter, 1963. (Ms82-29)


April 1
April Fool’s Day edition of The Rattler (The Tattler), Huntington High School Newspaper, 1953. (Ms2007-001)

April 2
Poster for the 36th Observance of National Negro Health Week, 1950. (Ms2018-001)

April 3
Ovilla Azure’s industrial certificate from the Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1913. Jim Thorpe attended this institution prior to rising to fame in the 1912 Olympics. (Ms91-34)

April 4
US Bureau of Mines certificate of first aid training issued to Arthur S. Porter, Mount Gay, 1925. (Ms78-50)

April 5
The Original Weekly Journal (London, England) featuring an open letter from Peter the Great discussing the actions of son Alexi, 1718. (MN-20)

April 6
Letter from Collis P. Huntington to Governor William E. Stevenson, 1870. (Ar1724)

April 7
William Morgan letter regarding naval and fortification bill, 1836. (Ms79-1))

April 8
Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy school newspaper, Tick Talk, 1958. (2009-150)

April 9
Ticket for West Virginia University’s 100th Anniversary, Family Convocation, Baroness Maria von Trapp, Morgantown High School Auditorium, 1967. (Ms2018-001)

April 10
Text of the prayer delivered by Rev. Ronald English at the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr., 1968 as entered into the Congressional Record. (Sc2013-005)

April 11
Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1772. (State docs, VAZ1.a.1772)

April 12
Printed notice from Head-Quarters Grand Army of the Republic, Washington, D.C., calling for a national day of remembrance, 1869. (Ar1748)

April 13
Attorney General Aquilla B. Caldwell’s opinion on the rights of African Americans to vote in keeping with the Fifteenth Amendment, 1870. (Ar1724)

April 14
Everett, Bracken & Company requesting information from Governor Henry M. Mathews in order to open a narrow-gauge railroad through the state, 1880. (Ar1726)

April 15
Semi-monthly pay statement from Wet Branch Mining Company for Clyde Scragg, 1920. (Ms2006-001)

April 16
James C. McGrew letter, taking oath as director of Hospital for the Insane, 1869. (Ar1723)

April 17
James Dent drawing of Marshall University mascot Marco. (Sc93-25)

April 18
Program for the dedication of Woodsdale Temple in Wheeling, 1958. (Ar1803)

April 19
Correspondence from Henry Wallace Bates to William Henry Edwards, regarding entomology, 1877.

April 20
Letter from then-candidate Henry D. Hatfield to State Senator Howard Sutherland assuring him he has “no factional ties,” 1912. (Ms83-2)

April 21
West Virginia State Science Fair held at Fairmont State College, 1955. (Ms2008-090)

April 22
Flyer for the appearance of Eve Curie, daughter of Marie Curie, at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium, 1947. (Bumgardner)

April 23
Patent for pavement of streets or roads awarded to Mordicai Levi, who is credited with paving the streets in Charleston, 1889. (Ms80-214)

April 24
First and last pages of Pearl S. Buck literary manuscript, The Exile, 1944. (Ms80-216)

April 25
United Mine Workers Union, District No. 25, letter of miners’ complaints in the Flat Top field to Governor William MacCorkle, 1895. (Ar1730)

April 26
Correspondence to James F. Brown, regarding West Virginia University Board of Regents policy banning dances in the gymnasium while supporting the baseball club, 1899. (Ms2016-071)

April 27
Election results for the selection of two persons to represent Jefferson County in the General Assembly, 1812. (Ms80-283)

April 28
Samuel F. Morse letter to William Henry Edwards regarding invention of telegraph and the desire to communicate across the Atlantic with it, 1845. (Ms79-2)

April 29
Broadside, “To The People of the Department of the Kanawha Valley,” John McCausland, 1861. (Sc85-75)

April 30
Correspondence from Commander T. Joseph Lopez of the USS Stump to West Virginia Delegate Ted Stacy, 1984. (Ms2010-071)


May 1
Agreement, Kanawha Coal Operators and UMW, 1912-1914. (Ms97-24)

May 2
James Gillespie Blaine, Secretary of State, requesting information on capital punishment within West Virginia for the Minister of Austro-Hungary, 1892. (Ar1729)

May 3
Unaddressed letter from Rebecca Harding Davis, Philadelphia, 1869. (Ms80-163)

May 4
White House message to Congress asking for an appropriation of 700 million dollars for military requirements in Vietnam, May 4, 1965. (Ms2017-016)

May 5
Prisoner of War Newsletter from Stalag Luft I, Barth Hard Times, printed following the liberation of the camp by the Soviet army, Barth, Germany, 1945. (Ms2016-013)

May 6
Broadside for Union rally in Fairmont. (Ms2006-044)

May 7
World War II teletype from Eisenhower's office in Paris announcing German surrender to War Department, 1945. (Ms96-8)

May 8
Washington Monument lottery, addressed to Sam Hanway, Esq, Morgantown, 1817. (Sc82-293)

May 9
Proxy Vote Form for Island Creek Coal Company, 1956. (Ms2007-001)

May 10
James Nourse letter about trip to “Kentucke,” 1775. (Ms79-153)

May 11
Mother's Day on the Rhine booklet produced by the YMCA, 1919. (Ms2013-098)

May 12
Scorecard and ticket stub for Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Milwaukee Braves baseball game, 1947, the first year Jackie Robinson played Major League Baseball. (Ms2009-139) (Ar1748)

May 13
Letter, William S. Morgan to C. S. Morgan, regarding high probability of war with Mexico, 1836. (Ms79-1)

May 14
Correspondence from Danske Dandridge to Dr. Ward regarding editor of American Magazine has re-written her poem and ruined it, 1887. (Ms80-133)

May 15
John F. Kennedy letter regarding visit to West Virginia during the presidential primary, 1959. (Ms2017-16)

May 16
CL Grafflin letter to Henry J. Samuel labeling Mary Ogden as a “dangerous woman,” 1862. (Ar1722)

May 17
Program, Second Annual West Virginia High School Track and Field Meet, West Virginia University, Morgantown, 1919. (Sc2016-016)

May 18
Program for Presentation Ceremonies, Army-Navy Production “E” Award to the men and women of the Silman Manufacturing Corporation, Arthurdale, 1945. (Ms2017-16)

May 19
Letter, Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico, to S.B. Elkins, Washington, 1896. (Ms80-160)

May 20
Rules and Regulations Governing Washington-Carver 4-H Camp, 1949. (Ms2018-001)

May 21
Aaron F. Corner, asking to have the bridge over Stony River reconstructed, 1877. (Ar1726)

May 22
Correspondence from King Hussein of Jordan to Congressman John Slack, 1975. (Ms2007-059)

May 23
Ritchie County Election Records for the vote on Ordinance of Secession, 1861. (Ar2033)

May 24
James McDonald requesting permission for Alexandria Light Infantry to pass through portion of West Virginia, 1879 (Ar1726)

May 25
Gilmer County Clerk Records vote on allowing sale of liquor, 1854. (Ar2090)

May 26
I. C. White, State Geologist, letter regarding geological survey funds, 1915. (Ms83-2)

May 27
Telegram, Arthurdale, about opening of town and Eleanor Roosevelt attending, 1938. (Ms2010-064)

May 28
Proclamation of Gov. Pierpont to Gov. Boreman announcing Berkeley County vote to join West Virginia held May 28, 1863. (Ms79-244)

May 29
Unveiling of Captain William Henshaw Monument, Bunker Hill, West Virginia, 1926. (Sc82-190)

May 30
Front page of first issue of Socialist and Labor Star Newspaper following the destruction of their press, 1912. (Miscellaneous Newspapers, West Virginia State Archives)

May 31
Alfred Beckley letter from Camp Chase, requesting exchange, 1862. (Ar1722)


June 1
Proclamation by Governor Arthur I. Boreman, appointing a Memorial Day for Lincoln, 1865. (Ar1723:339)

June 2
Dedication of the Three-State Network of Ten Memorial Hospitals by the UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund, 1952. (Sc89-18)

June 3
Abraham Lincoln note, 1863. (Ms87-173)

June 4
Letter from Leon Sullivan extending best wishes to Charleston area teachers, 1964. (Ms2014-073)

June 5
Correspondence to Charleston Branch, NAACP from Montgomery Improvement Association signed by Ralph D. Abernathy, 1956. (Ms2009-009)

June 6
Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, letter, 1865. (Ar382)

June 7
Small Pox Quarantine by State Board of Health, Martinsburg W. Va. June 7th, 1992 (1892?) (Ar1729)

June 8
Telephone Directory, Fall Issue 1921 for Martinsburg and the surrounding areas.

June 9
Alexander Campbell writing from Bethany, Va. to Charles S. Morgan regarding election in Brooke County, 1829. (Ms79-1, B1, F5)

June 10
Letter to John Taylor, sent from home, while stationed in Europe, 1945. (Ms2008-026)

June 11
Papers related to the expense of running the boundary line to divide the Northern Neck land grant of Lord Fairfax, 1747. (Ms79-3)

June 12
Program from Marshall County’s First Annual Observance of New Citizens Day, at the Community Playgrounds, Moundsville, 1939 (Ms2017-016)

June 13
The Outlook with article "Forced Labor in West Virginia" by Gino C. Speranza, 1903 (Ms2016-008, B1)

June 14
Commencement Invitation from the Glenville Normal School, 1897 (Ms2017-018, 2:6)

June 15
Letter to William H. Edwards from David T. Ansted regarding investments in coal lands along the Great Kanawha, 1873 (Ms79-2, 7)

June 16
Letter from Thomas Clark Atkeson to Gov. Aretas Brooks Fleming regarding the Agricultural Exposition at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, 1892. (Ar1729, 27A)

June 17
Deposition of Thomas Harrison of Prince William County about the discovery of the "Falls of Potowmack" sworn before William Byrd, 1737 (Ms80-187)

June 18
Second Annual Commencement of Barboursville District Public Schools at Olive Church, 1910 (Sc82-252)

June 19
Letter from Joseph Hubert Diss Debar to Gov. John Jeremiah Jacob about immigrants from Norway and Sweden, 1871 (Ar1725, 045)

June 20
The Order of Ceremonies for “The Inauguration of the New State,” Wheeling, 1863 (Ms2006-044)

June 21
Mother Jones speaking in Matewan, U. M. W. of A. District No. 17. (Ms90-82, 114:14)

June 22
Land patent from Lt. Gov. Alexander Spotswood to Richard Nance for 142 acres of land in Prince George County (Ms80-222)

June 23
Broadside, "Dedication of Union Soldier Monument," Ripley, WV, with Judge George W. Atkinson, 1915 (Sc82-37, F8)

June 24
Toptidings of Camp Bowers, Pickens, W. Va., CCC Co. 2594, Camp S-62, Volume 1, Number 1, featuring news and events, 1939 (Ms85-17, CCC Collection, 1939)

June 25
Program from the 49th Annual Installation at the Beckley Lodge No. 95, A. F. & A. M., Masonic Hall, 1943 (Ms2008-091, B2)

June 26
Letter from Charles Brown to Gov. John. J. Jacob, requesting arms and munitions to celebrate National Independence, Preston County, 1876 (Ar1725)

June 27
Diploma from the Virginia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind awarded to Emily Franklin of Kanawha County, 1845 (Ms92-109)

June 28
Telegram, steamboat, 1863. (Ms79-18, 26)

June 29
Estate sale of S.M. Arnold at Burlington W.Va., including tract of land with Nancy Hanks birthplace, 1968 (Sc85-161 -Z10-7)

June 30
Plan of the town of Romney, 1790. (Ma24-7)


July 1
Correspondence from Lewis Ruffner to Benjamin S. Smithers discussing whether he will continue salt making for the season, 1857. (Ms80-212)

July 2
Informational pamphlet from the sixth annual Mountain State Art and Craft Fair held at Cedar Lakes Conference Center near Ripley, 1969. (Sc2010-049)

July 3
Booklet extolling the benefits of selecting Martinsburg as the capital of West Virginia, 1877. (Sc82-226)

July 4
Brochure for the first Annual Masonic Picnic held in Ansted, July 4, 1930. (Ms2018-005)

July 5
Broadside for the Jacksonburg Homecoming Celebration, July 5. (Ms2006-100)

July 6
West Virginia Mine Workers Local 32 Charter at Leewood, 1931. (Sc2008-034)

July 7
Letter from M. M. Dent explaining the need for legislation to abolish the old Virginia land system to ensure clear titles to lands, 1871. (Ar1725)

July 8
David H. Strother letter to Governor Arthur I. Boreman concerning George Washington Statue located in Wheeling taken from Virginia Military Institute during the Civil War, 1864. (Ar1748)

July 9
Letter from Shubel Morgan, pseudonym of John Brown, to wife Mary Ann Brown and their children, 1858. (Ms78-1)

July 10
Correspondence from George H. Briggs to William Henry Edwards requesting Edwards’s recommendation for a South America expedition, 1869. (Ms79-2)

July 11
R. W. Zepp letter of resignation from West Virginia Guard, 1877. (Ar1726)

July 12
Correspondence from D. L. Duncan to H. M. Mathews recommending Professor B. H. Thackston for Principal of Marshall College, 1877. (Ar1726)

July 13
Affidavit of Sir Robert White mayor of London, 1767. (Ms80-209)

July 14
Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels's reply to Senator Howard Sutherland's request for information concerning number of enlisted men in Naval Service credited to West Virginia, 1917. (Ms83-2)

July 15
Joseph C. Wheeler’s letter to Governor Arthur I. Boreman regarding Union men being scared away from their homes by Rebels in Grant Township, Wayne County, 1868. (Ar1723)

July 16
Cover of the program for the North-South All-Star football game, 1983. (Sc2016-016)

July 17
Letter from Thomas C. Miller to Governor Aretas B. Fleming concerning impending reunion of 7th West Virginia Infantry as well as the need for a monuments commission, 1891. (Ar1729)

July 18
Letter from Philip Cox to Governor Arthur I. Boreman requesting commission of the elected officers of a volunteer militia in Gilmer County, including a list of proposed officers and privates, 1862. (Ar373)

July 19
Program for the Thirty-First Annual State Convention and Leadership Conference of the West Virginia Association of Future Farmers of America, 1959. (Ms2014-009)

July 20
Invitation for the Second Annual Festival of Flight Honors Luncheon, Salem College, 1982. (Ms2017-016)

July 21
Cover of McBride Station, autographed by Captain Jon McBride, 1989. (Sc2013-065)

July 22
Declaration of Intention of Jovo Misljenovic. This is the first step to become an American citizen. (Ar1878 acc)

July 23
James C. McGrew’s description of the Virginia Secession Convention, including a list of delegates and their votes, 1904. (Ms2011-031)

July 24
Department of Mines, coal mine fatality posters, 1944. (Ma18-3)

July 25
Playbill, Village Playhouse of the West Virginia State College Summer Theatre, "Ladies in Retirement," West Virginia State College, 1941. (Sc2008-011)

July 26
William Curtis’s letter declining a commission as brigadier general in the 21st Brigade Virginia Militia due to military incompetence, 1862. (Ar1722)

July 27
Correspondence from Governor John Cornwell to J. Alfred Taylor commending him for publishing a “roll of honor” in his newspaper, 1917. (Ms2018-005)

July 28
Press Release from Senator Jennings Randolph’s office announcing Watson Electronics Division expanding operations in Martinsburg, 1961 (Ms2017-016)

July 29
Amie Silcott’s reply to Major George C. Trimble concerning her issuing marriage licenses, 1862, and letter from Henry J. Samuels to Major George C. Trimble regarding enlistments in Calhoun County as well as the issue of Amie Silcott issuing marriage licenses. (Ar1722)

July 30
Correspondence from Dr. John C. Norman Jr. to his parents, 1965. (Ms2014-073)

July 31
Peregrine Hays letter requesting release from Camp Chase, 1862. (Ar1722)


August 1
Cover of August 1967 Outdoor West Virginia with illustration by wildlife painter Chuck Ripper. (Nat 1.4)

August 2
Program from a memorial service for civil rights activist Medgar Wiley Evers, Scott Street Baptist Church, Bluefield, 1963. (Ms2009-009)

August 3
Letter from POW Joseph A. Creigh to Jennet Preston explaining his wound and subsequent care, 1864. (Ms91-67)

August 4
Artie S. Vickers’ certificate of attendance from the Boone County Teachers Institute, Madison, 1913. (Ms2009-091)

August 5
Rutherford B. Hayes letter reporting vacancies incurred during the raid on Wytheville to capture the Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, 1863. (Ar382)

August 6
Postmarked cover, USS Kanawha, 1934. The USS Kanawha, commissioned in 1915, was the first ship built as an oiler for the US Navy. (Sc2006-117)

August 7
Front page of Philippines Free Press announcing dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, 1945. (Sc2013-098)

August 8
Drawing of proposed student union at West Liberty, circa 1955. (HD & M)

August 9
Invitation from D. C. Boyce to Jacob B. Jackson to address the people of Malden, 1880. (Ar1727)

August 10
All trains stop order of Virginian Railway Company at death of President Harding, 1923. (Sc82-233)

August 11
Invitation for the Dedication of Leon Sullivan Way (formerly Broad Street) in Charleston, 2000. (Sc2013-014)

August 12
West Virginia Highway Map, 1934. (Ma61)

August 13
Statement of E. C. Greer regarding conditions in No. 3 Hawks Nest Tunnel, 1932. (Ms2008-092)

August 14
Charleston Gazette newspaper front page, "Truman Announces Japanese Surrender," 1945. (Sc2007-076)

August 15
Department of Mines First Aid training certificate for Virgil Williams, 1938. (Sc2004-134)

August 16
1862 letter from Lewis Wetzel to Restored Government of Virginia Adjutant General Henry J. Samuels regarding the death of Major John T. Hall and recommending his brother Captain James R. Hall for a field appointment in the 13th West Virginia Infantry. (Ar1722w-z)

August 17
Invitation by United States Government to Viola B. Robson, Pilgrimage to Cemetery in Europe, 1932. (Ms2009-152)

August 18
Letter from W. O. Carver of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to Professor B. C. Alderson extoling the importance of a Baptist education in West Virginia, 1902. (Ms83-23)

August 19
Program for the State Fair of West Virginia, August 19-24, 1957. (Ar1803)

August 20
Fascinating letter about heir refusing to break will and enslave freed slaves, 1846. (Ms2015-001)

August 21
Complimentary Ticket to the West Virginia Agricultural and Industrial Fair, 1950. (Sc2007-076)

August 22
Hand-drawn birth certificate for Henry Lutwich, Rockingham County, 1822. (Ms2007-020)

August 23
Grant Lord Fairfax to John Champ, August 23, 1779. (Ms79-198)

August 24
The Penscope bi-monthly newsletter published by and for the men of the West Virginia Penitentiary, 1928. (Pub 1.Pen 1.4)

August 25
Ticket for a speech by President Bill Clinton, old C&O station, Huntington, 1996. (Sc2008-042)

August 26
Purchase agreement between Calhoun County and Simon P. Stump for the old Calhoun Courthouse, 1879. (Ar2054)

August 27
Letter from Robert Jarvik, inventor of the Jarvik-7 artificial heart, to Dr. John C. Norman, 1984. (Ms2014-074)

August 28
Thomas L. Broun telegram to A.T. Laidley notifying him of the death of Gay Carr and wounding of Lt. Col. Barbee, both of 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA, at battle of White Sulphur Springs, WV, August 26-27, 1863. (Ms79-18)

August 29
Letter, H. F. Burnside to Howard Sutherland regarding the excursion steamer "Homer Smith." (Ms83-2)

August 30
Pamphlet for the covered bridge centennial celebration in Philippi, 1952. (Sc82-28)

August 31
Resignation of 1st Lieutenant Alfred Beckley to Secretary of War, Lewis Cass, 1836. (Ms80-132)


September 1
Program from the 3rd annual Sternwheel Regatta, Charleston, 1973. (Sc2003-065)

September 2
Blair Mountain correspondence, 1921. (Ms90-82)

September 3
Program from the dedication of the Summersville Dam, 1966. (Ms2017-016)

September 4
Letter from Dear Abby to Senator Jennings Randolph, 1963. (Ms2017-016)

September 5
Letter written from “Somewhere in Italy” by Roy Edwin Kessel while serving in the 106th Station Hospital, 1944. (Ms2007-004)

September 6
Ira Dye of Doddridge County, application for resident hunter's license, 1909. (Ar2086)

September 7
T. C. Atkeson appeal to William A. MacCorkle requesting his assistance in being appointed to Chair of Agriculture at West Virginia University, 1893. (Ar1730)

September 8
Program of activities for Freshman Week at West Virginia University, September 8-15, 1957. (Ms2009-126)

September 9
Colonel J. D. Nicholls, 103rd Regiment Virginia Militia, writing to Henry J. Samuels to request a special order to call out the Militia to drill as well as Home Guard and to inform him of trouble in filling companies with volunteers going in U. S. Service and strong secessionist group, 1862. (Ar1722)

September 10
William Clark Reynolds diary entry for the Battle of Carnifex Ferry, 1861. (Ms79.18)

September 11
Charleston Daily Mail front page from September 11, 2001.

September 12
I. C. White, State Geologist, letter to James S. Lakin, President, State Board of Control, 1916. (Ar1720)

September 13
The Kanawha Valley Carbider newsletter Vol. 17, No. 36, 1974

September 14
“To the People of Western Virginia” by CSA Major General William W. Loring, 1862. (Sc2013-033)

September 15
Records of meeting of the commissioners appointed to run the boundary line of the land grant of Lord Fairfax, which included the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, 1746. (Ms79-3)

September 16
Dedication of Temple Israel, Charleston, 1960. (Ms2006-016)

September 17
Letter, President George Washington to Secretary of War Timothy Pickering proposing that the federal government establish an armory and arsenal at Harpers Ferry, 1795. (B W27 Coll)

September 18
Concord University Convocation, 1963. During the ceremony an honorary degree was conferred upon Nannie Bee Gore Hearn, class of 1883. (Xco 1.9:C65)

September 19
Letter from Nathan Boone of St. Charles, MO, to his nephew Jesse Van Bibber, 1831. (Ms80-179)

September 20
Floor plan, Hill Motor Company Garage, Berwind, McDowell County, 1921. (A. E. Wolford)

September 21
Joseph M. Starling letter to Charles S. Morgan concerning a bill to build a turnpike road from Winchester to a point along the Ohio River, 1830. (Ms79-1)

September 22
McDowell County Sheriff Office report on seized property, 1926. (Ar2094)

September 23
Program, Farewell to Raleigh County Soldiers, 1917. (Ms2006-104)

September 24
Remarks made by Senator Jennings Randolph introducing Eleanor Roosevelt at the dedication of the Arthurdale Community Presbyterian Church, 1960. (Ms2017-016)

September 25
Cover of the Mining Extension Instruction Pamphlet S-1, 1917. (Xwv 1. Mer 1. Mex 1. 3: 3-2)

September 26
Telegram announcing death of Ray Skidmore during action, 1918. (Ms94-48)

September 27
Naming of Okey Patteson Drive in Morgantown, 1960 (Sc2007-076)

September 28
Handbook issued to soldiers by the US Army during Desert Storm, 1990. (Ms2003-104)

September 29
Letter, Wilson W. Werninger to H. J. Samuels, resigning as 1st Lieutenant tending to the wounded at Ft. McHenry and later commissioned as Captain, Company B, 3rd Regiment, 1862. (Ar1722)

September 30
Pamphlet Caperton presents The West Virginians, a half hour film focused on nine West Virginians and their contributions to the history of the state, 1996. (Cul 1. 9/10: W4)


October 1
Aero Club of Charleston constitution and bylaws, 1927. (Sc2003-227)

October 2
Poster from presidential election featuring Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland and running mate Thomas A. Hendricks, 1884. Cleveland won the election by fewer than 1,200 popular votes to become the first Democrat to win since the Civil War. The town of Hendricks, Tucker County, was named for Thomas A. Hendrick in 1894.(Z21-11)

October 3
Correspondence from John B. Wilkinson, prosecuting attorney for Logan County, asking Governor A. B. Fleming if there are rewards or requests for any of Hatfield gang, 1891. (Ar1729)

October 4
Broadside, Great Democratic Demonstration Martinsburg, 1884. (Sc85-186)

October 5
New Testament carried in the breast pocket of night watchman Robert Hanson. Early in the morning of October 5, 1978, an intruder shot Hanson in the chest as he made his rounds in the American Cancer Society office, Charleston. The bible stopped the .22 caliber bullet just short of piercing his chest, leaving a bruise. (Sc80-317)

October 6
Program for the Wheeling Park vs. Oak Glen football game, 1978. Wheeling Park defeated Oak Glen 12-0. (Ms2009-150)

October 7
Order appointing Robert Patterson Prosecuting Attorney of Pleasants County, following the death of W. W. Hall, 1882. (Ar2087)

October 8
Menu from the RMS Majestic, 1928. Built in Germany as the Bismarck, she was transferred to Great Britain following World War I as a war reparation. When she went into service for White Star Line in 1922, the ship was billed as the “World’s Largest Ship.” (Ms2008-100)

October 9
Charles James Faulkner, emancipation of slave William Piper, October 9, 1848. (Ar2089)

October 10
Program for the 135th Anniversary of Battle of Point Pleasant, 1909. (Sc82-164)

October 11
Dedication of the Mason County Regional Agricultural Museum, 1980. (Sc2014-001)

October 12
Letter and invoice of materials sent by Capt. John H. Oley to the 5th West Virginia Infantry, October 12, 1861. (Ms2009-096)

October 13
Program, First Anniversary of the Union Mission Settlement of Charleston held at the Burlew Opera House, 1912. (Bumgardner)

October 14
West Virginia Labor History Hall of Honor ceremony program, 2007. (Sc2008-070)

October 15
Booklet on Red Sulphur Springs Hotel, 1897. (Sc96-86)

October 16
Fayette Tribune advertisement for baseball game featuring Cincinnati Reds at Glen Jean, October 9, 1913. (MN-17)

October 17
John Henry Comstock, professor of Natural History, to William Henry Edwards requesting Mr. Edwards's photo for new laboratory at Cornell University to place among prominent workers in American entomology, 1871. (Ms79-2)

October 18
Invitation for John C. Norman to appear in Tony Brown’s documentary, When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, 1978. (Ms2014-074)

October 19
Cover of The Bridge of Communication, address by Amos Thornburg, WV Wesleyan, 1962. (Xwe1.9:B7)

October 20
Achievement Day, “Reaping the Harvest” program from Monongalia County Home Demonstration Council, Camp Muffly, 1966. (Ms2018-001)

October 21
Booklet for the Tri-State Marching Band Festival held at Fairfield Stadium, Marshall University, 1978. (Xma1.9:M3)

October 22
New River Gorge Bridge Dedication schedule, 1977. (Ms2006-016)

October 23
Program from West Virginia University vs. Washington & Lee University in football at Exhibition Park, Charleston, 1915. In the final minutes of the game, WVU Coach Metzger challenged a call and decided to withdraw the team from the field. The officials awarded Washington & Lee with the win by forfeit. (Sc85-130)

October 24
Richie County election returns, vote on new state of Kanawha, 1861. (Ar2033)

October 25
James Evans letter from Barbour County to Capt. Francis Marion Smith at Smithton (now Smithburg), 1894. (Ms78-10)

October 26
C. L. Duckworth, request for money to buy election votes, 1912. (Ms83-2d)

October 27
“The West Virginia Plan" educational newsletter, 1938. (Ms2006-040)

October 28
Map of the Oglebay-Norton mine disaster, where a gas explosion killed fourteen miners instantly, 1958.

October 29
Huntington Choral Association presentation of Aida, 1915. (Sc82-205)

October 30
Dwight D. Eisenhower letter of gratitude to Cecil Underwood, 1958. (Ar1803)

October 31
John Brown letter to wife, Mary, written from prison and describing the raid on Harpers Ferry, 1859. (78-1)


November 1
Program for the first Mountain State Forest Festival, 1930. (394.5 M928)

November 2
Good roads amendment brochure, 1920. The amendment received an overwhelming majority statewide. (Ms2006-100)

November 3
Correspondence from Henry J. Samuels to Joseph Darr Jr., Wheeling, 1862. Finding two prisoners physically unfit for military duty, Samuels asked that both be released from duty. (Ar1722)

November 4
Certificate of Naturalization for Isabella Justin Cruise, 1943. (Ms91-34)

November 5
Political tickets for 1860 election - Virginia Republican ticket Lincoln/Hamlin and Democratic ticket Breckinridge/Lane. (Sc89-20)

November 6
Richie County election returns, presidential election of 1860. (Ar2033)

November 7
Linsly School contract with State for use of “Academy building and grounds therewith connected” as the first state capitol building, 1863. (Ar1748)

November 8
Broadside (1806) advertising a pamphlet that described Abel Clemmens’s murder of his wife and eight children on the night of November 8, 1805. Clemmens admitted to the killings and was hanged. (Ms78-1)

November 9
Sylvanus W. Hall letter to Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Kelley requesting removal of Lewisburg Court records to Charleston, 1863. (Ms80-265)

November 10
J. Alfred Taylor letter of congratulations to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1932. (Ms2018-005)

November 11
Poster for Avenue of Flags dedication at the VA Medical Center in Beckley, 1982. (Ms2010-071)

November 12
Title page for the Christian Panoply, the first book printed in present-day West Virginia, 1797. (RB)

November 13
Sadie Hawkins Day poster, “That’s Mah Big Day,” 1948. (Ms2019-001)

November 14
Telegram from President-elect John F. Kennedy to Senator Jennings Randolph congratulating him on his election and thanking him for service on his campaign, 1960. (Ms2017-016)

November 15
Herald-Advertiser front page reporting the Marshall plane crash the night before, 1970. (MN-17:22)

November 16
H. Hagan letter to Charles S. Morgan regarding warrant for 10,000 acres of land, 1836. (Ms79-1)

November 17
Letter, Alexander B. Dyer, Chief of Ordnance of the United States Army, to Governor William E. Stevenson concerning possible sale of Harpers Ferry property, 1869. (Ar1724)

November 18
Teacher's monthly summary report for Elk District, Harrison County, 1885. (Ms79-204)

November 19
Program for the Eighty-Third anniversary of the dedication of National Cemetery and Gettysburg Address, 1946. (Ms2017-016)

November 20
Cover of Heisler Geared Locomotive instruction book, 1963. (Ms79-252)

November 21
Sworn bounty document of John Riggleman claiming bounty for red fox scalp, 1882. (Ar2095)

November 22
Statement by Senator Jennings Randolph regarding death of President John F. Kennedy, 1963. (Ms2017-016)

November 23
Chief Petty Officer’s Thanksgiving menu, USS West Virginia, 1939. (Sc2002-030)

November 24
News release regarding Charleston High Band participation in the Macy’s 34th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1960. (Ms2009-138)

November 25
Broadside for the “Sixty Shots per Minute Henry’s Patent Repeating Rifle,” n.d. (Ar382)

November 26
Reprint of Lincoln's 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1945. (Ms78-1)

November 27
Governor Arthur I. Boreman letter to Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Kelley, regarding complaint about seizure of prisoners by General Scammon, 1863. (Ar1723)

November 28
Correspondence from Governor Howard M. Gore to J. Alfred Taylor informing him of his appointment to the West Virginia Historical Society, 1925. (Ms2018-005)

November 29
Letter from Charles P. Light to Senator Howard Sutherland expressing happiness over proposed good roads legislation, 1912. (Ms83-2)

November 30
Program from the dedication service for the Winfield-Red House Bridge, 1957. (Ar1803)


December 1
Cover of the Digest of Public Welfare Provisions Under the Laws of the State of West Virginia produced by the Works Progress Administration, 1935. (Ms2016-018)

December 2
Major (later General) William Powell letter telling of a cavalry dash and subsequent capture of Confederate troops, 1862. This came to be known as the Sinking Creek Raid, for which Powell was later awarded the Medal of Honor. (Ar1722)

December 3
Letter from Isaac T. Mann to Howard Sutherland, 1912. Mann was a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The Wyoming County community of Itmann is named for him.(Ms83-2)

December 4
Anti-Saloon League of America letter notifying Howard Sutherland that a copy of Anti-Saloon yearbook has been sent, 1917. (Ms83-2)

December 5
The Miner’s Lamp, 1921. (Sc2003-089)

December 6
Cover of Life Magazine John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition, December 6, 1963. (Sc2012-039)

December 7
Plan, outboard profile of the USS West Virginia, 1944. (Sc89-51acc)

December 8
Request of campaign manager to place presidential candidate Woofer D. Coyote on the 1984 West Virginia primary election ballot, 1983. (Ar2040)

December 9
U.S. Navy Department circular from Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy, relating to the Naval Academy, 1861. (Ms2008-100)

December 10
Invitation to the dedication of Montani Semper Liberi statue on capitol grounds, 1912. (Sc2013-013)

December 11
Letter to Governor William MacCorkle explaining the condition of Italian laborers in West Virginia, 1894. (Ar1730)

December 12
War Manpower Commission certificate of apppointment for William Blizzard, 1943. (Ms97-24)

December 13
Official Ballot of the Charleston Branch of the NAACP, Ebenezer Baptist Church, 1964. (Ms2009-009)

December 14
List of persons failing to work on streets in the town of West Union, Doddridge County, 1886. (Ar2086)

December 15
Letter from P. L. Dysard requesting Senator Howard Sutherland’s support of the Soldiers' Civil Rights Bill regarding soldiers and their property, 1917. (Ms83-2)

December 16
Jackson County Circuit Court order for the execution of John Morgan, 1897. (Ar2018)

December 17
Wolf scalp claim by John McCartney, Lewis County, 1824. (Ar2085)

December 18
Map of Hatfield lands on Grapevine Creek that was filed with deposition of Alfred Buskirk, 1895. (Ma183-21)

December 19
James F. Dent editorial cartoon depicting a basketball player towering over a referee, undated. (Sc93-25)

December 20
Postcard with pro-suffrage note written by Susan B. Anthony, 1895. (Sc82-34)

December 21
Letter of appreciation from Thomas J. Watson to Jennings Randolph for copy of speech, 1953. (Ms2017-016)

December 22
"Union Home" certificate of W. M. Blizzard, undated. (Ms97-24)

December 23
Illuminated manuscript with "December" poem by Victorian poet Eliza Cook, undated. (Sc85-29)

December 24
Christmas card to Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan from Varsha, a friend met during an 18-month research trip to India and Pakistan. Morgan was a writer for the Charleston Gazette. (Ms2017-009)

December 25
Souvenir pamphlet Holiday Greetings from Dixie School in Riverton, Pendleton County, 1917. (Ms2019-001)

December 26
Congratulatory letter from Arch A. Moore Jr. to Senator Jennings Randolph following the 1978 election. Moore and Randolph ran against one another in a hotly contested election. (Ms2017-016)

December 27
Letter from G. A. Bolden requesting assistance from Howard Sutherland in obtaining an appointment as archivist and historian to succeed Virgil Lewis, 1912. (Ms83-2)

December 28
Music City Bowl program, Ole Miss vs. West Virginia, 2000. In his last game as head coach, Don Nehlen led the Mountaineers to a 49-38 victory. (Sc2016-016)

December 29
First Brigade, 12th Provisional Division, banquet program, 1916. (Ms2018-005)

December 30
Program, Annual Banquet, Lafayette Lodge N.O. 57, AF&AM (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons), Fayetteville, WV, 1919. (Ms2018-005)

December 31
Quarterly statement, State of West Virginia account balance, Bank of the Ohio Valley, for quarter ending December 1879. (Sc87-136)

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