Doc of the Day


April 1
April Fool’s Day edition of The Rattler (The Tattler), Huntington High School Newspaper, 1953. (Ms2007-001)

April 2
Poster for the 36th Observance of National Negro Health Week, 1950. (Ms2018-001)

April 3
Ovilla Azure’s industrial certificate from the Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1913. Jim Thorpe attended this institution prior to rising to fame in the 1912 Olympics. (Ms91-34)

April 4
US Bureau of Mines certificate of first aid training issued to Arthur S. Porter, Mount Gay, 1925. (Ms78-50)

April 5
The Original Weekly Journal (London, England) featuring an open letter from Peter the Great discussing the actions of son Alexi, 1718. (MN-20)

April 6
Letter from Collis P. Huntington to Governor William E. Stevenson, 1870. (Ar1724)

April 7
William Morgan letter regarding naval and fortification bill, 1836. (Ms79-1))

April 8
Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy school newspaper, Tick Talk, 1958. (2009-150)

April 9
Ticket for West Virginia University’s 100th Anniversary, Family Convocation, Baroness Maria von Trapp, Morgantown High School Auditorium, 1967. (Ms2018-001)

April 10
Text of the prayer delivered by Rev. Ronald English at the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr., 1968 as entered into the Congressional Record. (Sc2013-005)

April 11
Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1772. (State docs, VAZ1.a.1772)

April 12
Printed notice from Head-Quarters Grand Army of the Republic, Washington, D.C., calling for a national day of remembrance, 1869. (Ar1748)

April 13
Attorney General Aquilla B. Caldwell’s opinion on the rights of African Americans to vote in keeping with the Fifteenth Amendment, 1870. (Ar1724)

April 14
Everett, Bracken & Company requesting information from Governor Henry M. Mathews in order to open a narrow-gauge railroad through the state, 1880. (Ar1726)

April 15
Semi-monthly pay statement from Wet Branch Mining Company for Clyde Scragg, 1920. (Ms2006-001)

April 16
James C. McGrew letter, taking oath as director of Hospital for the Insane, 1869. (Ar1723)

April 17
James Dent drawing of Marshall University mascot Marco. (Sc93-25)

April 18
Program for the dedication of Woodsdale Temple in Wheeling, 1958. (Ar1803)

April 19
Correspondence from Henry Wallace Bates to William Henry Edwards, regarding entomology, 1877.

April 20
Letter from then-candidate Henry D. Hatfield to State Senator Howard Sutherland assuring him he has “no factional ties,” 1912. (Ms83-2)

April 21
West Virginia State Science Fair held at Fairmont State College, 1955. (Ms2008-090)

April 22
Flyer for the appearance of Eve Curie, daughter of Marie Curie, at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium, 1947. (Bumgardner)

April 23
Patent for pavement of streets or roads awarded to Mordicai Levi, who is credited with paving the streets in Charleston, 1889. (Ms80-214)

April 24
First and last pages of Pearl S. Buck literary manuscript, The Exile, 1944. (Ms80-216)

April 25
United Mine Workers Union, District No. 25, letter of miners’ complaints in the Flat Top field to Governor William MacCorkle, 1895. (Ar1730)

April 26
Correspondence to James F. Brown, regarding West Virginia University Board of Regents policy banning dances in the gymnasium while supporting the baseball club, 1899. (Ms2016-071)

April 27
Election results for the selection of two persons to represent Jefferson County in the General Assembly, 1812. (Ms80-283)

April 28
Samuel F. Morse letter to William Henry Edwards regarding invention of telegraph and the desire to communicate across the Atlantic with it, 1845. (Ms79-2)

April 29
Broadside, “To The People of the Department of the Kanawha Valley,” John McCausland, 1861. (Sc85-75)

April 30
Correspondence from Commander T. Joseph Lopez of the USS Stump to West Virginia Delegate Ted Stacy, 1984. (Ms2010-071)

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