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James Nourse letter about trip to “Kentucke,” 1775. (Ms79-153)

Mrs Nourse Berkeley Church ? favour of Capt Charles Smith My Dearest Loves From our Camp at Smith point May 10th 1775 at the mouth of great Sandy about 40 miles below the Great Kanaway ~ We arrived here this morning & found ten persons most from our part of the Country among whom is Capt Smith who promises to send you this as soon as ever he gets home, but I flatter myself I may possibly, be at home near as soon as he, for he talks of calling at some places to make improvements, but wether I shall go down to Kentuckie is at present uncertain, we having a report That some indians have done mischief that way If it prove true & I find it dangerous to proceed, shall take the first opportunity to return over land by Staunton - we have had almost every other day rain since we came this side the Aligany - it seems now to clear up & have had two days fine Fryday [?] 28th we set off from Gist’s our things in a Waggon, for Washington bottom that we might be below the falls in the river, but our horses being bad & the roads very - we got only to the overseers (Simpsons) by dark tho but 10 Mile Saturday 29th 2 Mile farther to the river - where went on board the Charming Sally * [J?] N: Ed Taylor Nick Creswell & Tom Ruby. Onboard the Molly Benj Johnson Reuben Taylor George Rice & George a Serv’t of Mr Taylor at Night pitch’t our Tents at the Mouth of Sweetey * creek. Sunday 30th it being wet proceed no farther May 1st proceeded & got with in 7 Mile of fort pitt , May 2 d arrived at fort pitt saw the fort & Indians in prison & one fine one dealing in a Stores (& have set eyes of never one since), proceeding down the Ohio & encamp’d opposite an Island called Monteur’s - this night instead of encamping lashed our vessels together & floated down Stream all night, 2 always keeping watch, tho tis not uncom mon for people to float down & algo to sleep & in that manner proceeded when the weather permitted, if wett or Windy went aShore & pitched our tents tell Kitty her tent does very well I am writing in it now - at Nights I let in Mr Creswell an Englishman who proposes if he can get any company, to go go with him down to the Mouth of the Ohio, then up the Mississippi for the lakes & so round - if not he talks of accompanying me round by Holston, as does also Mess’r Taylor & Johnson, but as they have more to do than I they are afraid of not being ready time enough, but unless I can get other good Company I must wait for them - we have here 27 persons bound for Kentuke, & expect 3 or to More here tomorrow - Fryday 12th six more arived here for Kentuke but the expected 10 are not come yet, we are bad fishers & bad Hunters we have had but 6 Catfish & catched but 2 of them ourselves no venison 2 ducks & but one Turkey, we have lived very well yet but unless we mend our hands, shall be short of Meat, they all say the lower we go the easier we shall both catch & Kill - I long most ardently to hear of you all I hope to God the small pox keep clear of you, I am ready to beat my self that I did not desire you to write by Capt. Shelly, as I hope to be round to his plantation in about 3 weeks adieu my dear love Capt Smith is leaving us, my love & longing desire to see you attend you all, desire Jim to gett the Cradles ready, & to engage if possible a Cradler & begin as early as the wheat will possibly bear losing rather some by being under ripe – once more adieu my dear love from

Your most affectionate & faithfull Husband

James Nourse

the Cats are very good fish eat I think a good deal like Cod & weigh what we have had from ? to 15 lb

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