"Mother Jones" Will Tell 'Em When
and Where To Use Arms

Charleston Daily Mail
February 13, 1913

At a meeting of the miners held at Boomer, on the K. & M. R. R., last night, in an address made by "Mother" Jones, she is authentically reported as having said:

"Buy guns, and buy good ones; have them where you can lay your hands on them at any minutes, and I will tell you when and where to use them."

"Mother" Jones, it is reported, held a meeting at Long Acre, two miles below Boomer, on the K. & M., at 10:00 o'clock this morning, where she doubtless gave the miners the same advice as she gave at Boomer last night.

At Boomer is located the works of the Boomer Coal & Coke Company, three or four miles from the military zone. Labor employed there is Union labor. Likewise at Long Acre. The mines at Boomer are on strike in sympathy with the strikers of Paint and Cabin creek fields.

President Carnes of the local Union, The Mail is informed, sent several organizers to Boomer to advise the men to return to work, but after they had left, "Mother" Jones is said to have told them not pay any attention to the officials and to stay on strike as long as military officers held any of their brothers in prison.

The Boomer company has a contract with the United Mine Workers of America. The district officers of the U. M. W. of A. are endeavoring to persuade the men to return to work, but as "Mother" Jones is employed by the national organization, and is not under orders of district officials, they have no power to remove her or to oblige her to desist in making speeches and giving advice such as the above to miners.


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