General and Miscellaneous
Grafton Riot
Child Labor
Coal Industry

General and Miscellaneous

Labor History Week
Coal Miners Strike in Wheeling, 1868
Strike in Brownstown (Marmet), 1876
B & O Railroad Strike at Martinsburg, 1877
Articles on the Tyler Window Glass Company Strike
"The Death of Constable Riggs: Ethnic Conflict in Marion County in the World War I Era" by Charles H. McCormick (West Virginia History)
Matewan Oral History Project Collection
Perfection Garment Company Strike, Martinsburg, 1953
Teacher Walkout, 1980

Grafton Riot

"Riot and Bloodshed on the City Streets"
"Machinists Explain Their Side of the Riot of Saturday Night"
"Barrett and Handley Held for Their Appearance Before Next Grand Jury"


"A Temptation to Lawlessness: Peonage in West Virginia, 1903-1908" by Kenneth R. Bailey (West Virginia History)
Special Message of Governor Dawson Concerning Cases of Peonage and Labor Conditions
"Twenty-Three Peonage Indictments Are Reported"

Child Labor

Legislative Act Prohibiting and Regulating the Employment of Minors
Comments of State Senator Elmer Hough on Child Labor Law
"'West Virginia Did The Impossible': Our New Child Labor Law"
Extract from Fifteenth Biennial Report of the Bureau of Labor of West Virginia, 1919-1920
"Child Labor in West Virginia"

Coal Industry

Labor Contract (Yellow Dog)
Letter From M. F. Moran to Edward Robertson, Labor Commissioner
Creation of UMW District 17 (Time Trail)
"Red Men and Red Necks: The Fraternal Lodge in the Coal Fields" by Fred Barkey (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"World War One and the Miners of Southern West Virginia" by April D. Wolfe (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"Medals For Coal Miners"
"The Scotts Run Coalfield from the Great War to the Great Depression: A Study in Overdevelopment" by Phil Ross (West Virginia History)
"Coal Miners and Their Communities in Southern Appalachia, 1925-1941, Part One" by Rhonda Janney Coleman (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"Coal Miners and Their Communities in Southern Appalachia, 1925-1941, Part Two" by Rhonda Janney Coleman (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Governor Hulett Smith Proposes Strip Mining Reforms (Time Trail)
UMW Presidential Election (Time Trail)
President Nixon Signs the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act (Time Trail)
Mine Health and Safety Academy

West Virginia's Mine Wars

Paint Creek-Cabin Creek Strike

Mine Wars, 1920-21

Other Conflicts

Black Lung



William Blizzard
Retirement of UMW President John L. Lewis (Time Trail)
Arnold Miller
Birth of Labor Leader Fred Mooney (Time Trail)
Walter Reuther
Life of State AFL-CIO President Miles Stanley (Time Trail)

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