Women Pickets at Owings Mine

Fairmont Times
June 10, 1925

Pickets Quiet At Consol Mines; Erie Employs 50 Men First Day Of Work

300 Men Unable to Obtain Positions Turned Away; To Increase Force Today.

When a small group of pickets did early-morning duty at the Owings mine of the Consolidation Coal company yesterday morning the state police arrested a woman when they said, she threw a rock at a man on his way to work. They took her to Clarksburg where she was placed in the Harrison county jail. This was the only mine that was extensively picketed yesterday morning.

The Owings and Pinnickinnick mines of the Consolidation company as well as its Columbia mine were operated yesterday.

The Erie mine of the Hutchinson Coal company had 50 men working yesterday and 21 mine cars or about 200 tons of coal were loaded. No coal will be dumped from the tipple until today it was said last night by officials of the company. They also announced that about 300 men have been refused employment at the mine since it was opened on Monday. It is their policy to take on the old employes first. They expect to have opening for about 150 men by the time the mine is entirely cleaned up for capacity operation.

The company expected last night to have working places for 35 loaders in the Erie mine today and it was thought that the cleaning of the mine would be completed by the end of the week. There has been no picketing at this mine since it started operation.


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