Revised Land Book Retention Policy - Assessor
Effective January 2005

The Records Management and Preservation Board took action to revise the retention of County Land Books held by the County Clerk's Office, Sheriff's Office and Assessor's Office. The intent of this revision is to make one copy of the Land Book Permanent and the book of record is to be the Assessor's Land Book. If the Assessor's copy of the original Land Book does not exist, the Sheriff's Office copy of the Land Book is to be the Permanent Book of Record and filed in the County Clerk's Office to retain permanently. If neither the Assessor's or Sheriff's copy of the Land Book exists, then the County Clerk's copy is Permanent.

Assessor's Office Records Retention Schedule
Old, existing Assessor's Office Records Retention and Disposal Schedule statement for Land Books, Item number 5 reads:
Land Books: List of real estate owners showing names of owners, location, description, acreage of property, assessed value and allocation of tax to various county and state funds.
Code Reference: 11-4-1, Retention: Permanent
Revised to RETAIN 10 Years then TRANSFER to County Clerk. Form to transfer Assessor's original Land Book to County Clerk must be submitted to Director of Archives and History for approval signature.

Records Management and Preservation Board