West Virginia State Archives
Civil War Manuscripts,
Special Collections, and Archival Holdings

by Terry Lowry

The West Virginia Archives and History Library is the repository for an extensive collection of manuscripts, special collections, and archival holdings related to the American Civil War. Included are such items as letters, diaries, broadsides, regimental record books, muster rolls, scrapbooks, memorials, pensions, reunion material, clothing books, political matter, and others, covering nearly every aspect of the war. Each item or collection is described with as much detail as possible to facilitate a search, while some also have finding aids, such as the Boyd Stutler Collection, the West Virginia Adjutant Generals' Papers 1861-1865, and the Civil War Artificial Collection. Where collections embody various non-Civil War material as well as Civil War, only the Civil War material in the collection is noted. Newspapers and books are not included in this listing. This list is by no means definitive or complete, as new material is continually added, but it does present a detailed representation of the current holdings.

Account book, Jefferson County, 1826-1868. Ms79-63
Appears to be account book of blacksmith or metalworker. A few non-military entries for the war years.

Account books, Kanawha County, 1840-1889. Ms79-57
Account books include postal accounts, one contains travel expenses for members of 1864-1865 Legislature

Account book. Red House - Winfield ferry landing store. Oct. 1860-Apr. 1870. Ms96-5
Account book for the Red House-Winfield ferry landing store, Putnam County, WV. Non-military.

Account book. L. L. Stealey & Brother. 1861-1863. Ms87-141
Account book for L. L. Stealey & Brother. No location given. Covers war years. Non-military.

Account book, John W. Talbott, Mill Creek, Berkeley County, 1848- 1882. Ms79-66
Account book. Contains non-military entries for the years 1861-1865.

Alderson family papers. Collection. 1780s-1980s. Ms96-2
Photocopies of genealogical information on the Alderson families of Nicholas, Greenbrier, Monroe, and surrounding counties. Some articles contain information on various Alderson men who served in the Confederate army.

Alderson-Hamilton. Collection. 1828-1941. Ms83-23
Correspondence and miscellaneous material relating to the Alderson and Hamilton families of Nicholas and Fayette counties of West Virginia.

Allison, William T. Collection. 1830-1934. Ms96-1

Aplin, William H. Collection. 1854-1907. Ms2004-039
Collection includes two documents regarding war pension or claims.

Bahlmann, Captain William F. July 2003. Ms2009-061
Correspondence between Ronald Moser and Larry Legge regarding Capt. William F. Bahlmann (Co. K, 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA), his Southern Cross of Honor and research materials.

Barbour County Documents. Collection. 1839-1889. Ms2003-011
Edward F. Grant apparently served as postmaster general of Philippi and Treasurer of the Philippi Independent School District. Collection is primarily tax receipts, including for the war years.

Barns family. Correspondence. 1859-1931. Ms80-211
Correspondence of a Ritchie County, WV family, primarily from Sgt. Thomas Rufus Barns (Barnes) of the 10th West Virginia Infantry. Locations include Upshur County, Beverly, New Creek, Harrisville, Winchester, and Fairmont. This collection consists of 201 items, including originals and photocopies. Finders Guide available in Archives Library. (NOTE: Cross reference with Sc82-300 for the postal covers for Sgt. Thomas Barnes, 10th West Virginia Infantry).

Bassell family. Paper. n.d. Ms2004-112
Account by A. G. Bastable of Stonewall Jackson.

Beattie, Rebecca. Collection. 1829-1960s. Ms92-12
Letters, notes and clippings regarding the Putney, Ruffner, Stanley, and related families.

Bible. n. d. Sc91-51acc
New Testament portion of Francis H. Pierpont family bible partially burned and reportedly dragged through the streets of Fairmont by the Confederate raiders of Gen. Imboden in 1863. Sc91-51 is the Old Testament section which has been rebound.

Bible. ca. 1862. Sc2003-074
Small bible presented by Pvt. William A. Steirheim, Co. D, 22nd Indiana Infantry, to his friend, Sgt. John B. Watkins, Co. D, 22nd Indiana Infantry, at Nashville, TN, November 20, 1862. Watkins, a former resident of Wheeling, (West) Virginia, carried the bible until killed in the 1864 battle of the Wilderness in Virginia. The bible, "saturated with the blood of Watkins," was later presented to his brother, Charles H. Watkins of Wheeling, who had also served in the war with the artillery.

Blundon and Matthews families. Collection. 1861-1928. Ms 89-84
Photocopies of (1) Kanawha County civilian Civil War diary (transcription) and (2) letter from B. D. McGinnis to Maj. E. B. Blundon (7th West Virginia Cavalry) dated Apr. 3, 1865 from Guyandotte regarding goods, etc., being sold at Barboursville.

Bookmark. 1891. Sc82-38
Bookmark/ribbon for "Buckhannon is Booming, G. A. R. Day, April 22, 1891.

Boreman, Arthur Ingraham (1823-1896). Papers, 1863-1869, 527 items. Ar1723
Political leader, jurist, and Governor of West Virginia. Correspondence, relating chiefly to Union military affairs, educational, election, and legislative material, court cases, petitions, oaths, proclamations, and other papers. Correspondents include Joseph Darr, James Fry, A. M. Galloway, Nathan Goff, William Rucket, and W. E. Stevenson. Calendar of the Arthur I. Boreman Letters, prepared by West Virginia Historical Records Survey (1939).
Donor: Governor's Office.

[Boreman], Laurane Bullock, 1861 April-May. Ms79-137
Laurane Bullock later became Mrs. Arthur Boreman.
Letters to a Mr. Hill describing conditions in Wheeling.

Broadsides. Draft List. 1863. Sc85-93
Draft list, 1st subdistrict, Kanawha County, WV, 1863.

Broadsides. Collection. 1826-1944. Sc82-37
Artificial Collection of various broadsides.

Broadsides. Political Ticket. 1860. Sc89-20
Newspaper political ticket for 1860 election - Virginia Republican ticket Lincoln/ Hamlin, Democratic ticket Breckinridge/Lane.

Broadsides. 1861 or 1862. Sc85-167 [Oversized shelved as Z-10-13]
"Wheeling Intelligencer" Extra: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Cut, Apr. 20, 1861 or 1862.

Broadsides. ca. 1860. Sc85-164 [Oversized shelved as Z-10-10]
Four page performance announcement for Tom the Blind Negro Boy Pianist. Announcement includes reviews and details of child prodigy.

Broadsides. 1862. Sc85-168 [Oversized shelved as Z-10-14]
Special Order #1 for 84th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Shields' Division, Lt. Col. Thomas C. McDowell, Winchester, VA, Apr. 26, 1862. Attached handwritten letter from Williamsport, MD, dated Apr. 26, 1862.

Broadsides. 1861. Sc85-75 [Oversized shelved as Z17-4]
To The People of the Department of the Kanawha Valley, April 29, 1861, Lt. Col. John McCausland.

Bulltown. 1981. Ms2000-031
Cultural Resources Study of Bulltown, Braxton County, WV, by Barbara Howe, Camille Caruso and Robert Floyd. Bulltown battle was fought October 13, 1863 between Confederate forces of Col. William L. Jackson and Union forces of William Mattingly. Extensive earthen fortifications and the Cunningham farm house remain today and are overseen by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

Caldwell, J. Ed. Letter to Emma Bigelow, 1860 November 8. Ms80-94
Letter from J. Ed. Caldwell of Kanawha Court House (Charleston, WV) to Miss Emma Bigelow of Waltham, MA, 1860 November 8 mentioning election of Lincoln and Caldwell's visit to Bunker Hill.

Cameron, Simon. Letter. October 30, 1861. Ms2004-117
Secretary of War Simon Cameron to Daniel Lamb, October 30, 1861, regarding appointment of Lamb to settle claims for loyal citizens.

Casdorph, Paul D. Manuscript. ca. 1980s. Ms203-183
Literary manuscript "The Road to Harpers Ferry: The John Brown Letters 1838-1859."

Catalog. 1861. Sc82-98
School catalog for Monongalia Academy, Morgantown, (West) Virginia, 1861. Non-military.

Certificates. 1886. Sc84-198
Certificate of Honorable Service (Civil War) for Lewis D. Allen, Co. I, 2nd West Virginia Cavalry, Ironton, Ohio, April 17, 1886.

Certificates. 1862. Sc85-176 [Oversized shelved as Z-10-20]
Confederate States of America vessel register for "Marshall" at Charleston, South Carolina, dated March 13, 1862. William Perry, citizen of the Confederate States.

Chaney, Henry. Collection. 1862-1945. Ms2004-074
Civil War papers of Henry Clay Chaney, 1st Maryland Light Artillery; Thomas Chaney, 1st Maryland Infantry; George H. Jordan, Company (Battery) L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery. Includes original discharges, pension papers, commissions and a few letters. Finding aid available.

Chapline, William A. Correspondence. 1864-1925. Ms84-189
Correspondence of William A. (or R.) Chapline, including 25 items, regarding his efforts to obtain a government pension for his service in the Civil War as a Local Special Agent of the Internal Revenue Service at Kearneysville, Jefferson Co., WV.

Check. 1862. Sc82-70
Check of R. M. Tompkins to J. C. McFarland, 1862, Charleston, (West) Virginia. Non-military.

Chilton, Joseph E. [Ruffner-Chilton]. Papers. 1865-1940. Ms81-1
Joseph Eustace Chilton, (born Dec. 6, 1855; died Feb. 21, 1937), was a Kanawha County, WV lawyer.

City of Parkersburg. Collection. 1830s-1975. Ms2006-108
Municipal records for the city of Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV, including account books, taxes, elections, streets, sanitary board, miscellaneous. Finding aid available.

Civil War Collection, 1859-1911. [artificial]. Ms79-18
Four boxes of miscellaneous original and photostatic copies of letters, diaries, journals, muster rolls, discharges, enlistments, passes, currency, bonds, broadsides, clippings, and other assorted material relating to the Civil War. Finders Guide available.

Civil War Discharge and Loyalty Oath. 1864-1893. Ms2003-272
Photocopy of Civil War discharge for Hanson Imer, Co. E, 1st West Virginia Infantry, and Co. I, 2nd Veteran West Virginia Infantry. Also, pension application.

Civil War Monument. Gettysburg. 1998-1999. Ms2004-027
Materials relating to the re-dedication of the West Virginia monument at Gettysburg, PA, and correspondence of Steve Cunningham and Beth White regarding monument.

Civil War. Muster Book, Company G, 10th West Virginia Infantry. 1862-1864. Ms2003-007
Original muster and descriptive book for Co. G of the 10th West Virginia Infantry.

Civil War Pension Files. Artificial Collection. ca. 1880s-1900. Ms2003-301
Photocopies of a select group of Civil War pension files, primarily for West Virginia soldiers. Finding aid available.

Civil War Reports. Papers of Capt. John Clinton Roberts, Co. B, 12th West Virginia Infantry. 1863-1865. Ms88-22
Six folders of material relating to Capt. John Clinton Roberts, Co. B, 12th West Virginia Infanttry.

Civil War. Statement of Service. 1946. Ms2003-273
Photocopy of Civil War Statement of Service for Pvt. William H. Lynn, 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA, and Pvt. Thomas E. Lynn, 26th Battalion Virginia Infantry, CSA.

Civilian Conservation Corps. Collection. Ms85-17acc
Various publications of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Located in this box are photocopies of the newsletters of CCC Camp Price, Hillsboro (Droop Mountain), WV called The Cannonball for the years 1935-1937 with bits of information on the Droop Mountain battlefield (on which the camp was located), Pocahontas County, WV.

Cobb family. Collection. 1862-1950. Ms2002-117
History of the Cobb(s) family of Kanawha County, WV, including photocopies and transcripts of 37 letters written by Pvt. William Robert Cobbs, Co. E, 13th West Virginia Infantry between 1862 and 1865. Locations include Camp Chase, Barboursville, Meadow Bluff, Frederick County, Harrisonburg, Martinsburg, Winchester, Stephensons Depot, Grafton, Cumberland, Camp Hastings and Camp Russell. Permission of owner required for copying.

Coleman, George. Collection. 1830-1865. Ms2004-142
Account book and papers of Jefferson County resident. Non-military.

Coleman, Nelson B. Collection. Ms79-8
Nelson B. Coleman (born 1809 VA; died 1894 Kanawha County, WV ), steamboat operator, salt maker, and insurance agent in Malden, Kanawha County, WV.

Correspondence, legal papers, receipts, daybooks, expense books, memo books and financial statements relating to Coleman's steamboat and insurance business.

Collection contains no military documents but does include a number of business and legal papers dated for the years 1862, 1863, and 1864.

Confederate States of America, Conscript Department, Virginia, 10th District, 1862-1864. Ms79-239
Exemption and substitution records, most pertaining to Captain William N. Nelson, Conscription Officer, from the CSA Conscript Department, Virginia, 10th District. Included is a document written and signed by Capt. R. Preston Chew, Artillery, CSA; Capt. H. W. Gilmore; and Capt. J. F. Mason of Ashby's Cavalry. Some locations include Martinsburg, Woodstock, New Market; and Strasburg.

Confederate Veterans. List. n.d. Ms80-308
Two page typed list of Confederate Veterans of Charlestown, WV.

Confederate Veterans. 1913. Ms2003-006
List of four West Virginia Confederate veterans residing in Oklahoma.

Confederate Veterans. Minute Book. 1907-1923. Ms91-2
Confederate veterans' minute book for Camp Allen Woods [Woodrum], Hinton, Summers County, WV, 1907-1923.

Conrad, Benjamin C. Diary. 1862-1865. Ms82-113
Original diary of Benjamin C. Conrad of Webster County, (West) Virginia, a private in the 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry, CSA. Enlisted in 1862, captured Dec. 27, 1862, POW Camp Chase, OH, exchanged, rejoined regiment in 1863. Participated in the Jones-Imboden Raid, Gettysburg Campaign, and most of the major battles in the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign. Surrendered at Bulltown, WV May 9, 1865. Diary chronicles Conrad's experiences in the Confederate army and daily marching distances and events of the regiment.

Cook-Hull. Collection. Ms76-12
William Tompkins, Jr. (1793-1857) was an early salt manufacturer in the Kanawha Valley as well as the operator of the Tompkins Farm Tavern on the James River and Kanawha Turnpike. William H. Tompkins (1837-1914) served as a Captain in the 36th Cavalry, CSA before taking over the business interests of his father.

The Cook-Hull Collection contains account books, daybooks, ledgers and correspondence, mostly pertaining to the business interests of William Tompkins and his family, in the Kanawha Salines area (now Malden), Cedar Grove and Coalsmouth (now St. Albans). The business interests included early saltmaking, a tavern and stage coach stop, a store and Cedar Grove Coal Company.

Corrick's Ford Battlefield Monument. 1985. Sc2010-135
Invitation and letter to the dedication of the monument to 12 Confederate soldiers killed at the battle of Corrick's Ford, West Virginia, July 13, 1985.

Covers. Artificial Collection. 1851-1945. Sc82-300
Postal covers (envelopes only).

(NOTE: Cross reference with Ms80-211 for the correspondence of Sgt. Thomas Barnes, 10th West Virginia Infantry).

Craik-Patton House Guide. n.d. Ms2008-003
Literary manuscript. Resource guide on historic museum house in Charleston, Kanawha County, WV and former residents, including Col. George S. Patton, 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA.

Crane and related families. Preston County. ca. 1848-1906. Ms2002-029
Correspondence, legal documents, receipts, songbooks, and other materials from the Crane and related families of Preston County, WV.

Cross family. Collection. ca. 1802-1992. Ms2009-142
History of family of Lucius Cross Sr. and Thirza Stanley Cross. Includes information on Civil War pension of Timothy Stanley Cross of the Ohio Infantry.

Currency. 1863. Sc2008-068
Currency note for 25 cents from Monroe County, (West) Virginia, dated January 1, 1863.

Currency. Confederate States of America. 1861-1865. Sc82-111
Confederate States of America notes in denominations of $2.00 (2 for 1862), $10.00 (3 for 1861, 2 for 1862, 1 for 1865), $20.00 (1864), and $50.00 (1865).

Curtis, General William B. n. d. Sc88-123acc
Nomination paper of Brigadier General William B. Curtis to Ohio Valley Civil War Roundtable Hall of Fame. Also included is a photostatic copy of an old news clipping regarding Curtis and his service in the Civil War.

Dana family. Collection. 1849-1924. Sc82-15
Broadsides, dance programs, receipts, invitations.

Davis, Jefferson. U. S. War Department. Notice of appointment to U. S. Military Academy (West Point), 1856 March 20. Ms80-168
Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) served as Secretary of War (1853-1857), U. S. Senate (1857-1861) and president of the Confederate States of America (1861-1865).

U.S. War Department notification of appointment of George A. Thornton to the U. S. Military Academy (West Point), 1856 March 20, signed by Secretary of War Jefferson Davis.

Davis, Jefferson. Letters. 1876-1889. Ms87-166
Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) served as Secretary of War (1853-1857), U. S. Senate (1857-1861) and president of the Confederate States of America (1861-1865).

Two letters: (1) letter dated April 15, 1876 from Memphis, TN, to A. Pasteel (2) letter dated June 11, 1889 to Col. Geo. L. Peyton, Rockbridge Alum Springs, VA, from Beauvoir, MS.

Davison, William. Scrapbook. 1860-1861. Ms80-275
One volume scrapbook of period newspaper articles related to secession for 1860-1861.

Day, W. H. Letter to General Isaac Duval, 1869 November 22. Ms80-101
Letter from W. H. Day, former captain of Company A, 11th West Virginia Infantry, now in Andrain County, MO, to General Isaac Duval, 1869 November 22, regarding payment of bounty for Civil War service.

Daybook, General Store, Johnstown, Berkeley County and Medical Accounts (George Ferrel's book), 1858-1880. Ms79-67
Daybook. Non-military information for 1864.

DeGruyter, Julius. Collection. 1940-1970s. Ms88-222
Julius Degruyter, (born Jan. 9, 1864 at Christiansburg, VA - died Aug. 28, 1938 Charleston, WV)

Diss Debar, Joseph H. Collection. 1863-1893. Ms79-191
Joseph H. Diss Debar (1820-1905), arrived in Doddridge County in 1846, established the Saint Clara colony of German and Swiss emigrants, served in the Legislature, appointed Commissioner of Immigration 1864-1873. Designer of the State Seal.

Correspondence and stories by Joseph H. Diss Debar, including account about John Schaefer (Joseph Eisele), the Parkersburg murderer and an account of Charles Dickens' first visit to America. Most sketches removed to photograph collection.

Dowd family. Collection. 1850-1923, 1980s. Ms2009-066
Photocopy of "Account of Prison Life in the War" by John B. Dowd, Co. K, 85th Indiana Infantry (written pre-1876); autograph book of Cora Dowd; correspondence from U. S. Military History Institute regarding donations of Dowd papers; information, transcripts of letters published in newspapers during the Civil War regarding the 85th Indiana Infantry; obituary.

Drummond, Josephus. Letters. 1863. Ms79-147
Three letters written by Roane County, WV, Civil War soldier Josephus Drummond, Co. G, 9th West Virginia Infantry, to Jeremiah Conley, discussing the regiment, various skirmishes, and his work with the medical staff: (1) Jan. 30, 1863 from Winchester, VA; (2) April 8, 1863 from Camp one mile above Winchester on the turnpike; (3) September 15, 1863 from Cumberland, MD hospital.

Edmundson, Henry Alonzo. Letter to Gideon Wells, 1861 March 18. Ms80-103
Letter from Henry Alonzo Edmundson, Washington, to Secretary of the Navy Gideon Wells, 1861 March 18, regarding appointment of Joseph Anderson to U. S. Naval Academy.

Election Ticket. 1860. Sc2002-017
1860 Democratic presidential election ticket for John C. Breckinridge and Joseph Lane, with Virginia electors listed.

Envelopes. 1864. Sc82-186
Three envelopes (not used) for the 1864 Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson presidential platform.

Farnsworth family. Collection. 1818-1974. Ms2005-041
Correspondence, account books, family bible, mostly in Upshur, Lewis amd Gilmer counties, with primary correspondents Mose, James and Daniel D. T. Farnsworth. Finding aid available.

Fayetteville Cemetery. 2004-2005. Ms2009-116
Research and archeological study of the Confederate cemetery (memorial) on the Fleshman farm at Fayetteville, WV, associated with the September 10, 1862 battle of Fayetteville, Fayette County, WV.

"Fayetteville in the Civil War." Manuscript. n.d. Ms80-306
Four page typescript literary manuscript by B. Bibb describing Fayetteville, Fayette County, WV, in the Civil War.

Ferguson, James H. Collection. 1860-1900. Ms78-8
James Harvey Ferguson (born Apr 14, 1817 Montgomery County, VA; died 1903 Charleston, WV) was prosecuting attorney for Logan County 1840-48; member of Virginia Assembly 1848-1851; member of 1850 Virginia Constitutional Convention; moved to Cabell County and elected to WV Legislature 1864-1871; Captain of Cabell County Scouts (Union Militia) 1865; Chairman of Joint Commission on revision of WV Code 1868; elected circuit judge 1868; moved to Charleston and became chief counsel of Chesapeake and Ohio RR in 1870; elected to legislature 1876, 1880. Collection includes legal and business correspondence, Chesapeake & Ohio RR legal materials, South-West Virginia Improvement Company, State House Company, receipts, tax notes, deeds and surveys, and other materials.

Fleming, E. B. 1863-1865. Ms2004-069
Three Civil War items: (1) U. S. Military Telegraph (telegram) and envelope, dated May 6, 1863, New Creek, from M. W. Lewis to E. B. Fleming, stating Thomas Fleming and Cambridge were captured but Harvey Smith was not captured (2) $10 Confederate currency (3) photocopy of newspaper article "Woman Takes Special Interest in Andersonville."

Flynn, Franklin. Collection. 1861-1864. Ms2009-096
Six original items, most associated with Z. D. Ramsdell and the 5th West Virginia Infantry. Included are: Subsistence voucher for Gauley Bridge, WV, dated April 27, 1864; a voucher for 'one pig for the sick in hospital' at Ceredo, WV, confirmed by Z. D. Ramsdell and J. L. Ziegler of the 5th West Virginia Infantry dated November 29, 1861; voucher for clothing and equipment transferred to Z. D. Ramsdell at Wheeling, WV, September 28, 1861; invoice (letter) of materials sent by Capt. John H. Oley to the 5th West Virginia Infantry dated October 15, 1861; statement from Franklin (WV?) by Samuel McColloch, Adjutant, 5th West Virginia Infantry, regarding materials lost by the 5th West Virginia Infantry in the Potomac River near Petersburg, dated May 23, 1862; statement written at Strasburg, VA, June 20, 1862, by Samuel McColloch, 5th West Virginia Infantry, regarding the loss of three horses by exhaustion.

Forbs, Hart H. Collection. 1831-1895. Ms79-196
Correspondence and legal papers concerning the Forbs family, Charleston, Kanawha County.

An order dated Mar. 15, 1864 requesting Capt. Morgan make payment.

Fort Scammon Archaeological Excavation. Literary mss. 1986, 1988. Ms91-57
Two literary manuscripts (publications) by archaeologist David N. Fuerst on Fort Scammon, a Civil War earthen fortification on Fort Hill in Charleston, WV, built in 1863 by members of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, under the direction of Col. Rutherford B. Hayes.

Fravel family. 1865-1892. Ms96-35
Civil War discharge paper for Pvt. John H. Fravel, Co. C, 3rd West Virginia Cavalry, June 30, 1865.

Frazier, Carolyn Hall. Collection. 1851-1967. Ms84-210
Carolyn Hall Frazier (1891-1985), resident of Buffalo, Putnam County, WV.

Frazier Family. 1859. Ms90-96
Original commission for Allen Frazer, Jr. as 1st lieutenant, 181st Militia, 22nd Brigade, 5th Division, dated May 25, 1859. Signed by Henry A. Wise, governor of Virginia and later brigadier general in the Confederate army serving in the Kanawha Valley region in 1861.

Freeman, Douglas Southall. Literary mss. 1944. Ms80-259
Douglas Southall Freeman (1886-1953), noted American historian, biographer, newspaper editor, and author. Best known for his multi-volume biographies of Robert E. Lee and George Washington, for which he was awarded two Pulitzer Prizes.

Typed literary manuscript of Douglas Southall Freeman's "Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign", Chapters 24-30, appendix 4, from his book, Lee's Lieutenants, with hand-written corrections and additions. Also included is a typed letter signed by Freeman.

"Genealogies of the Kimble and Alt families" 1937 and 2006. Ms2007-022
"Genealogies of the Kimble and Alt families" by H. A. Halt, 1937, retype by Clara Mae Alt Ross, 2006. Includes Civil War rosters and information relating to the various familes and counties.

Gluck, Cook, Creel, Smith families. Collection. 1863-1923. Ms2003-133
Collection includes transcribed letter from George R. Creel, Co. A, 36th Virginia Infantry, CSA, dated November 21, 1863, from Camp Narrows, VA, to Miss Maria Cook, Parkersburg, WV. Also in collection is copy of typed "Biography of Joseph C. Gluck" of the 10th West Virginia Infantry, which appears to be the same as Ms95-45.

Gluck, Joseph C. Autobiography. 1923. Ms95-45
Photocopy of a transcript of "Autobiography of J. C. Gluck: Parkersburg, West Virginia". Joseph C. Gluck, (born June 18, 1841 WV-died Nov. 1, 1925 Parkersburg, Wood County, WV), was an early resident of Gilmer County, WV, and served in Co. G, 10th West Virginia Infantry. Includes his wartime experiences and memories as a postwar storekeeper, in addition to family history.

Goff family. Collection. 1784-1980. Ms2005-042
Documents, correspondence, Bibles, Civil War documents of Goff and related Beavers families, mostly Preston County, WV.

Includes tax receipt for support of families of Volunteers dated 1862; tax receipts for 1861-1863; various letters for 1861 and 1865; promotion and discharge papers for David R. Beavers, 6th West Virginia Infantry.

Gottshall, Charles H. Letter. 1863 January 16. Ms78-9
Charles H. Gottshall, member of Co. K, 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Letter written to Gottshall's brother from camp near Brandy Station, VA.

Grafton National Cemetery. Ms2002-090
Photocopy of original reinterment of Civil War dead at Grafton National Cemetery, most from West Virginia locations.

Graham, William G. Letter. Sept. 21, 1861. Ms2008-074
Letter from William G. Graham, 1st (Field's) Tennessee Infantry, CSA, to Captain Jones dated September 21, 1861, describing the battle of Cheat Mountain. Available online.

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of West Virginia, 1884-1920. Ms80-7
Grand Army of the Republic was a fraternal group of Union Civil War veterans

Records include correspondence, discharge and transfer certificates, orders, an account book for the Women's Relief Corps of the Dan Frost Post (Ravenswood), and records of the George Summers Post, and Carl Chatto Post (Ripley).

Grand Army of the Republic. Speech of William Shankland Meek. 1877. Ms98-2
Speech by William Shankland Meek on awarding silver spoon to son Thomas Sheridan Meek at Sheridan Post G.A.R., Allegheny, PA, March 2, 1877.

Green, Samuel Slaughter. Papers. 1898-1912. Ms80-294
Two items: An application for Samuel Slaughter Green, (1841-1917), a member of the Richmond Howitzers and Page's Battery (Morris Artillery), CSA, during the Civil War, to attend a 1912 reunion of veterans from the University of Virginia; a toast given by Samuel S. Green at a banquet for Col. William Knaus at the St. Albert Hotel, Charleston, WV, March 14, 1898.

Greenbottom, General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. Ms2004-101
Correspondence, articles and other materials on Greenbottom area, Cabell Co., WV, and Jenkins family, photocopies of service record of Jonathan Dennison, Company D, 91st Ohio, n.d.

Hale, John Peter. Collection. 1840-1902. Ms79-170
John Peter Hale organized and served in the Kanawha Artillery/Hale's Battery, CSA, during the first year of the war but this collection only has material of marginal connection to the war.

Hale, John Peter. Collection. 1784-1910. Ms97-30
Land records, other papers dealing with business interests including coal, salt, Jedidiah Hotchkiss. Miscellaneous Folder includes (1) letter to Capt. John P. Hale dated August 7, 1861, and written from White Sulphur Springs, (West) Virginia, by Brig. Gen. Henry A. Wise. Letter is an apology to Hale from Wise (2) an 1863 business receipt for A. W. Quarrier from Snow Hill [near Charleston, WV] and (3) a balance note dated March 13, 1863 from James Laidley at Dublin Depot, VA.

Hall, Sylvanus W. Letter. 1863 November 9. Ms80-265
Sylvanus Wilson Hall, (born1839-died March 12, 1908 Fairmont, WV), of Marion County, WV, and Clerk of West Virginia Court of Appeals.

Letter from Sylvanus W. Hall at Wheeling dated November 9, 1863 to Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Kelley regarding removal of Lewisburg Court records to Charleston.

Harpers Ferry Armory. 1996. Ms2000-023
Manuscript by James Worsham about Harpers Ferry armory and interchangeable parts.

Harpold, Mrs. Henry. Collection. 1852-1880. Ms79-208
Collection of letters between members of the Lowther-Harpold families in the Ripley-Ravenswood areas of Jackson County.

Civilian letters dated April 24, 1865; September 12, 1865; and September 17, 1865.

Hatfield, Mrs. Harold E. Collection. n.d. Ms2009-019
Genealogy notes on various West Virginia family names. Included under the McMurray file is an unidentified newspaper clipping dated June 12, 1939 called "Civil War Veterans at G.A.R. Convention" with picture and brief story on four West Virginia Civil War veterans, including one reportedly only man from West Virginia awarded the Purple Heart.

Henderson, J. H. Letter. 1862 June 19. Ms80-136
Letter from J. H. Henderson, Willow Island, Pleasants County, to H. J. Samuels, Adjutant General of the Restored Government of Virginia, regarding court of enquiry held at St. Marys.

Hereford, Dr. Marmion Rush. Collection. 1852-1890. Ms2003-012
Journals and records of Nicholas County, WV, physician. One journal covers 1861-1863.

Heritage Trunk. Materials. 1978-1980. Ms81-13
Facsimile letters: W. Leigh Barksdale, 22nd Virginia Infantry, HQ of 1st Brigade, Wharton's Division of the Valley, dated Nov. 9, 1864, regarding William Campbell, M.D. and hospital steward of the 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA; Virginia Patrick, Forest Hills, dated Sept. 25, 1864, regarding death of a POW; an 1863 land deed; William R. Pierson, writing from camp near Salem, Roanoke Co., VA, dated Dec. 20, 1862; unknown letter which mentions Col. William L. Jackson; John F. Sherrick, 34th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, from Camp Flat Top Mountain, VA, dated June 15, 1862, mentions his health and battle of Princeton in Mercer Co., WV [same letter as in Ms80-320].

Howard and associated families. Collection. ca. 1865-1948. Ms90-114
Included in collection is an 1866 oath of allegiance for Allen Howard of Greenbrier County, WV.

Howell, James M. Letter. 1895 April 8. Ms80-137
Letter from James M. Howell, Farm, WV, to Colonel Flintlock Perry, Charleston, 1895 April 8, regarding Howell's enlistment in the 36th Virginia Infantry, CSA, in Raleigh County.

Howery, Captain E. R. Booklet. Ca. 1930s. Ms2009-079
Report compiled by Capt. E. R. Howery for CCC Camp Price entitled "The Battle of Droop Mountain November 6, 1863."

Huddleston family. Collection. Ca. 1800s-1990s. Ms96-63
Genealogy on Huddleston and related familes.

Hughes, Dr. Alfred. Letters. 1862. Ms2006-073
Photocopies of numerous letters written by Hughes to his wife in Wheeling between June 7, 1862 and November 12, 1862 from Camp Chase, OH, prisoner of war camp. Many are copied poorly and difficult to read.

Hughart, Lewis and Related Families. Collection. 1864-1979. Ms2008-004
Family history notes and lists, including a photocopy of a transcription of a letter dated February 2, 1864 from Philip Burton Lewis, Co. A, Wise Artillery, while a prisoner of war at Rock Island, IL.

Humphreys, Milton Wylie. Letters. 1865-1871. Ms79-136
Milton W. Humphreys (born Sept. 15, 1844 in Greenbrier County, VA; died Nov. 20, 1928). Served during the Civil War as a member of Bryan's Battery, CSA, and is credited with being the first to use 'indirect artillery fire' during the May 1863 fight at Fayetteville, WV. Taught at Washington and Lee, Lexington, VA postwar and wrote extensively on his war experiences.

Letters are written from Washington College to his brother, R. H. Humphreys, in Braxton County, WV, and include an 1870 letter discussing the death of Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Invitation. 1864. Sc82-163
Invitation to the funeral of J. C. McFarland, Charleston, West Virginia, November 10, 1864. Non-military.

Invitation. 1886. Sc82-160
Invitation to the Society of the Army of West Virginia, 10th Reunion, Portsmouth, Ohio, 1886.

Jackson, George A. Collection. 1864-1869. Ms79-251
Civil War pension claim papers filed by Weston, Lewis County, WV, area claim agent 1864-1869. Collection includes 25 items.

Jackson, Thomas Jonathan. Letter. Ms79-144
Thomas Jonathan ("Stonewall") Jackson, Confederate general.

Letter to J. M. Bennett, Auditor of Virginia, offering him a position on Jackson's staff, dated Feb. 28, 1862

Jenkins family. Manuscript. n.d. Ms2002-123
Photocopy of manuscript of Susan Holderby Jenkins about her father, Albert G. Jenkins, and her family.

Jones-Imboden Raid. Paper. March 23, 2001. Ms2009-070
Talk by Ken Corvell to Monongalia Historical Society on Morgantown raid in 1863 by Confederate generals Jones and Imboden.

Jones, Junius Marion. Collection. 1860-1893. Ms90-48
Photocopies of Civil War material of Junius Marion Jones, 2nd West Virginia Cavalry.

Kanawha Riflemen, 1859-1861. Ms76-13
Kanawha Riflemen, originally organized in 1859 at Charleston, WV, and were later mustered in as Company H (formerly Company I, 1st Kanawha Regiment), and became the 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry, CSA.

Two items: Photostatic copy from National Archives of Kanawha Riflemen muster roll for Company I, 1861 August and "History of Charleston Sharp Shooters by Col. John S. Swann" which includes original 1859-1860 book of "Minutes and Proceedings" of the Charleston Sharpshooters, organized 1858 November. First became a component of the 1st Kanawha Regiment, then the 59th Virginia Infantry, and finally, Co. A, 26th Battalion Virginia Infantry, CSA. John Sterling Swann served as captain.

Kasich, John. Manuscript. 2001. Ms2005-006
Literary manuscript "Factors That Determined West Virginia Statehood" by John Kasich, research paper delivered at Graduate Conference of Southern History.

Kincaid family. Collection. ca. 1850-1890s. Ms2003-022
Receipts and other financial documents of Dr. A. C. Kincaid of Braxton County and his son Robert A. Kincaid, a Nicholas County attorney.

Kiser family. Collection. 1861-1891. Ms98-8
Photocopies of extensive collection of Civil War letters of a Hardy County, WV, family serving in the Confederate army. Included is John, Daniel, Harrison, and Harvey Kiser, with service in 25th Virginia Infantry and the 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry. Locations include Camp Milford, Winchester, New Market, Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, South Fork, Pendleton, and Hardy counties. Photocopies of their service records are also included.

Knotts Papers. Collection. 1855-1915. Ms85-10
Collection includes an original letter written from Camp Chase, OH, prisoner of war camp, by Rufus Knotts, Co. E, 14th Virginia Cavalry, CSA, dated August 20, 1864.

Laidley family. Collection. 1864-1926. Ms2002-028
Correspondence, journals and family history research by William Sydney Laidley.

Lamb, Daniel. Manuscript. 1863-1870. Ms80-278
Two volume, bound literary manuscript of "Historical Commentary" by Daniel Lamb.

Ledger book, Hampshire County, ca. 1856-1903. Ms79-40
Ledger, possibly related to Hollenbeck family, Hampshire County.

No military information but does have some entries for 1861, 1863, and 1865.

Lee, Robert Edward. Letter. 1865 February 1. Ms82-30
Robert E. Lee, from Petersburg, VA, to John C. Breckinridge, Secretary of War, CSA, Richmond, VA, dated February 1, 1865.

Lee, Robert Edward. Letter. 1869 July 21. Ms80-165
Letter from Robert Edward Lee, Rockbridge Baths to Messes. Peyton, White Sulphur Springs, 1869 July 21, concerning reservations for Lee and two of his daughters.

Lewis, Virgil Anson (1848-1912), collector. Ar1753
Papers relating to railroads, rivers, roads, and turnpikes, 1790-1910, 3 boxes. In part, transcripts. Educator and archivist. Unpublished guide in the repository. Papers of Lewis as State Archivist, 1890-1912, 6 ft. Donor: Gifts and deposits, 1905-1912. Department of Archives and History. Source: The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1961, MS 61-2190, p. 554.

Lightburn, General Joseph A. J. Collection. 1865-1904. Ms94-2
Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn, (born Sept. 21, 1824 Webster, PA-died May 17, 1901 Broad Run, WV). Early resident of Lewis County, WV. Served as colonel of the 4th West Virginia Infantry and as a brigadier general in the Civil War. Postwar minister in Lewis Co., WV

Photocopies of articles and information regarding the activities of Gen. Joseph A. J. Lightburn while in the Kanawha Valley in late 1862. Also includes extended defense by family descendants against an article on Gen. Lightburn published by Forrest Hull.

Lincoln, Abraham. Letter. November 21, 1864. Ms78-11 [moved to oversized material drawer Z 12-12]
Facsimile of November 21, 1864 letter to Mrs. Bixby.

"Lincoln Walks at Midnight" Papers and Clippings. 1970-1974. Ms85-135
Papers and newspaper clipping s regarding funding for the statue of Abraham Lincoln on the West Virginis State Capitol grounds. Includes a number of letters from Louise Bing of Charleston, WV, an early supporter of the statue.

Lindsay, Page Crawford. Collection. 1762-1952. Ms89-105
Williams family documents (photocopies). Brief mention of Dr. James Huston Williams, Surgeon, 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

List of prisoners confined at Point Pleasant, 1862-1863. Ms79-240
Register of Confederate prisoners confined in the jail at Point Pleasant, Mason Co., WV. Daily entries of citizens and soldiers, both Union and Confederate, confined in the jail. Entries range from Lucinda Chandler, a young Boone County, WV lady arrested on Flat Top Mountain for 'creating a riot' although she claims she does not want to return to her parents, whose views on the war differ from hers, and a number of Union soldiers for being drunk and some prisoners for murder. The register covers only a brief period.

Lively family. Collection. 1842-1928. Ms80-262
Papers of a Monroe County, WV, family. Included in collection is an 1863-1864 tax receipt for Joseph Lively.

Loyd, Nimrod Wesley. Letter. 1856-1865. Ms98-14
Diary account by Sgt. Nimrod W. Loyd, Co. F, 10th West Virginia Infantry, about last Union campaign and Lee's surrender, 1865.

Lucas and Shepherd Family Papers. Collection. ca. 1780-1900, bulk 1805-1867. Ms79-171
Correspondence of Lucas and Shepherd family members, primarily in Jefferson County, WV.

Lutz, Anna. Collection. 1862-1982. Ms2003-141
Hedrick, Higginbotham, Harrison, Pontsler, Henry families. Letters, deeds and other documents relating to families, some in Putnam County, WV.

Lynch, Jessica. 1877-1930. Ms2004-139
Photocopies of Civil War pension files of Jessica Lynch's ancestors, including Joseph P. and Francis M. Lynch of the 7th West Virginia Infantry.

Marks family. Collection. 1978-2003. Ms2004-120
Photocopies of material related to the Marks family of Dunbar, WV, including clippings on Perry and George W. Marks, both of the 9th West Virginia Infantry, and various other Marks of the Civil War.

McCulloch family. Collection. 1769-1978. Ms98-86
Correspondence, Mason and Putnam counties, Kanawha River and DAR information about McCulloch family members.

McDaniel, William and Elizabeth Stewart McDaniel. Collection. Ca. 1821-1924. Ms95-36

McDowell County. Civil War Notes and Rosters. 1861-1865. Ms2004-050
Transcribed Civil War notes and rosters regarding McDowell County, WV.

Mealy, Joette Bennington. Collection. 1840s-1960s. Ms91-33
Civil War information consists primarily of the Reddehase [also spelled Riddehase, Reddehouse, Reddehaus] family and the 6th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry.

Merrill, Austin. License. 1864. Sc88-156
U.S. Internal Revenue license for cattle broker Austin Merrill of Marion County, WV, dated September 1, 1864.

Minsker family. Collection. 1861-1862. Ms2004-109
Correspondence between brothers Solomon and John Minsker describing wartime life in Charleston, Kanawha Couty, WV.

Includes article "Winter of 1861: War, Lousy Weather" with a photo of Solomon Minsker, Co. F, 153rd (Kanawha) Militia; original letters from Solomon to John Minsker dated March 12, 1861, December 1, 1861 and January 26, 1862.

Morgan, Charles Stephen. Collection. Ms79-1
Prison warden of Richmond, VA and later legislator from Monongalia County

Correspondence, addresses, invoices, receipts, land claims, court cases and other legal papers, penitentiary record (1804-1833), circulars, legislative material, census of white population (1820-1829), pension claims and other materials re: Revolutionary War and War of 1812.

Morgan, Rebecca Putney. Collection. 1873-1976. Ms95-19
Included is a notebook containing a printed article titled, "Recollections of the Civil War" written by Harry T. Pollard in the Christian Observer, dated June 6, 1934. Printed Historical Program Children of the Confederacy Hero Year" 1921.

Murray, David. Collection. 1838-1910. Ms91-9
David Murray [Murry], born ca. 1821, was a boat pilot in Kanawha County, WV.

National Cemetery, Grafton WV, 1867-1870. Ms79-249
Letters to Superintendent John D. Wilson from Assistant Quartermaster's Office, Lincoln Depot, Washington regarding establishment of National Cemetery at Grafton.

Neff family. Collection. 1857-1977. Ms2006-086
Correspondence and miscellaneous materials including Morgantown and Buckhannon. Collection includes West Virginia Republican voters ticket for June 18, 1864. One column of newspaper, "Capture of Petersburg."

Nesbitt family. Collection. 1863-1957. Ms2003-139
Correspondence including (1) Letter from George B. Caldwell, late Adjutant 12th West Virginia Infantry and Brevet Colonel, United States Volunteers, dated 1867, informing that all commissioned officers in the service between May 1, 1864 and March 3, 1865, are entitled to additional pay (2) Prisoner of war letter from Lt. M. B. Helms, 1st West Virginia Infantry, dated September 13, 1864, from Marine Hospital, Charleston, SC (3) an 1863 Wheeling, WV deed.

Pardon. 1872. Ms88-174 [Oversized shelved as Z-11-14]
Pardon signed by President U. S. Grant for Jacob C. Clark, 1872.

Parker, Granville. Collection. 1861-1863. Ms79-224
Granville Parker (1809-1881) was a lawyer and newspaper correspondent who represented Cabell County at the Constitutional Convention of 1861 and 1862.

Speeches given by Granville Parker on subjects before the Constitutional Conventions, including 1862 and 1863 documents on compensation for emancipated slaves.

Parker, Richard. Ms80-296
Commission as judge of the Virginia Circuit Court, 1851 January 16. Signed by John B. Floyd. Parker was the judge who tried John Brown.

Paul, Bonna Kelly. Collection. 1840s-1950s. Ms91-67
Family histories of Creigh, Kelly, Lowry, Fleshman and relatred families.

Paul, Bonna Kelly. Collection. 1840s-1950s. Ms91-67acc
United Daughters of the Confederacy Certificate for Anna Edmonds Fleshman, niece of William Thomas Riley Bell, 9th Virginia Infantry, CSA, dated July 18, 1926.

Pauley, Michael. Collection. 1970s-1990s. Ms2003-020
Correspondence, National Register Nominations, West Virginia writers. National Register nominations include Dietz Farm (Meadow Bluff), Fayetteville, Lewisburg Confederate Cemetery, Gen. John McCausland House, battle of Winfield (Red House Shoals), and a few other Civil War related sites.

Payne, Barrett G. Papers. 1854-1901. Ms80-173
Letters primarily related to Albemarle County, VA, including a promissory note from 1861; two 1864 letters, and two 1865 letters regarding financial matters. Non-military.

Peterkin, George William. Papers. 1860-1870. Ms84-182
A collection of 80 letters and documents relating to George William Peterkin (born Mar. 21, 1841; died Sept. 22, 1916), 21st Virginia Infantry, CSA. Peterkin was born in Washington Co., MD, and served as an officer with the 21st Virginia Infantry and General and Staff Officers, Non-Regimental Enlisted Men. Postwar clergyman. Died at Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV, and buried in Richmond, VA. Finding Aid with collection.

Pierpont, Francis Harrison (1814-1899). Civil War papers, 1861-1862, 1,264 items. Ar1722 [see West Virginia. Adjutant Generals' Papers 1861-1865]
Political leader, of West Virginia, and Union Governor of Virginia. Chiefly correspondence between Pierpont and his Adjutant General, H. J. Samuels, relating mainly to military matters and Union troops in their charge; petitions, protests, recommendations, and other papers. Correspondents include Alfred Beckley, Arthur Boreman, Robert Brooks, Col. James T. Close, Major General Jacob D. Cox, Major Joseph Darr, Daniel D. T. Farnsworth, John C. Fremont, Lt. Col. Thomas Mealey Harris, Joseph A. J. Lightburn, Gen. W. S. Rosecrans, and Attorney General James Wheat. Calendar of the Francis Harrison Pierpont Letters and Papers in West Virginia Depositories, prepared by West Virginia Historical Records Survey (1940). Letters, H. J. Samuels, 1829-1863, 3 ft.
Donor: Adjutant General's Office.

Poffenbarger, Livia Simpson. Genealogical and historical papers of Mason County, West Virginia. Ms80-287
Livia Simpson Poffenbarger, (born 1862 Pomeroy, OH-died 1937 Kanawha Co., WV). Editor of the "State Gazette" newspaper of Point Pleasant, WV, in the late 1800s, and also served as a lawyer.

Extensive collection of newspaper clippings and assorted articles.

Polsley Family. Papers and Correspondence. 1860-1890. Ms82-274
Five folders of photocopies, primarily Civil War letters and service of Lt. Col. John J. Polsley, 8th (West) Virginia Infantry (later 7th West Virginia Cavalry), and James Polsley, Co. A, 116th Regiment Militia (Mason County).

Prager, John. Collection. 1857-1864. Ms96-37
Transcripts of letters from John Prager, Co. I, 1st West Virginia Infantry. Included is a photocopy of a picture of Prager in uniform.

Price Lists. 1880-1900. Sc82-50
Price lists for J. A. Joel & Co., New York, suppliers of military and society goods, 1880-1900. Most items are G. A. R. or S. O. V. Also includes a paper ad for a Nebraska G. A. R. medal.

Price, W. T. Diary. 1854-1864. Ms91-24
Diary/journal of Presbyterian minister W. T. Price of Pocahontas County, WV, covers the first four years of the war. Military information is included. Photocopies.

Program. 1864-1910. Sc90-47
Collection includes a photostatic copy of "Lincoln - Johnson Campaign Songster" book, 1864.

Program. 1915. Sc82-218
33rd Annual Encampment, Grand Army of the Republic, Department of West Virginia. Sistersville, WV, May 1915.

Program. 1902. Sc82-209
Bestowal of Crosses of Honor to the Confederate Veterans of Berkeley County, West Virginia. U. D. C., Martinsburg, WV, July 17, 1902.

Program. 1931. Sc2003-090
Program and assorted materials for the 70th Anniversary of the battle of Carnifex Ferry in Nicholas County, West Virginia on September 12, 1931. The original battle was fought September 10, 1861 between the Union forces of Gen. William S. Rosecrans and the Confederates of Gen. John B. Floyd.

Program. 1953. Sc98-27
Program for the unveiling of the statue of Stonewall Jackson at Clarksburg, West Virginia, May 10, 1953.

Publications. 1864. Sc83-27
Original copy of the March 1864 issue of Atlantic Monthly magazine. Non-military.

Publications. 1908. Sc94-66
"Journal of the 26th Annual Encampment, Department of West Virginia, Grand Army of the Republic," Wheeling, West Virginia, May 19-21, 1908.

Publications. 1915. Sc98-67
"Official Souvenir 25th Reunion United Confederate Veterans, Richmond, Virginia, June 1-3, 1915"

Publications. 1909-1949. Sc94-67
Various annual reports and historian report of the West Virginia chapters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1909-1949.

Publications. Fort Scammon. 1970. Sc86-14
Fort Scammon, a pictorial study. Charleston Municipal Planning Commission, 1970. Photographs with text and maps of 1863 Civil War fort in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Publications. Sanitary Commission. 1861. Sc2011-053
Sanitary Commission. Directions to Army Surgeons on he Field of Battle by S. G. Guthrie, 1861. Fourth Edition.

Putnam County. n.d. Ms2004-141
Historical information, photos and clippings on Putnam County, WV, compiled by Charles Ray Harper. Included is a postwar photo of James Harvey Nuckles, Co. A, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA, and accompanying article; an article on Gen. John McCausland; and an article on Jubal Early.

Putney, R. Garland. Journal. 1856-1865. Ms98-4
Original journal kept by R. Garland Putney of Kanawha Salines (Malden), Kanawha County, WV. Brief but detailed eyewitness account of Gen. William W. Loring's 1862 Kanawha Valley Campaign.

Rader, Anthony. Diary. 1864. Ms90-14
Original diary of a Nicholas County, WV, doctor and delegate to the first West Virginia Legislature. Covers the year 1864 and has such entries as August 1, 1864, "Capt. Ramsey's fortifications and 19 men taken by Thurmond. Capt. Brown fighting rebels." Another entry mentions a cannon shooting off a man's hand. Also mentions various regiments. Typed transcription included.

Raines family. Collection. 1856-1908. Ms90-94
Collection includes photocopies of the discharge and pension papers of Roane County, WV resident Joseph Raines, Co. K, 13th West Virginia Infantry.

Receipts. 1861. Sc82-238
Receipt for Cressap family, Bank of Cumberland, March 22, 1861. Non-military.

Receipts. 1861. Sc82-39
Receipt from A. Timberlake to D. T. Rawlings and Company for subscription to Baltimore Daily Sun, May 18, 1861. Charlestown, (West) Virginia. Non-military.

Receipts. 1862. Sc82-239
Tax receipt for George W. Summers, Kanawha County, (West) Virginia, August 19, 1862. Non-military.

"Records of Colonial Militia through World War I." Manuscript. Ca. 1936. Ms80-22
Typescript carbon of a literary manuscript tracing West Virginia's militia. Civil War section begins on pg. 46.

Rector, Enoch. Collection. 1823-1869. Ms79-173
Reverend Enoch Rector was a member of the Baptist Association and involved in the establishment of Rector College near Pruntytown, Taylor County, WV, (established 1839, chartered 1842, burned 1855).

Typescript copies of various letters, notes about Rector College, Baptist Association History, and Kimball. FOLDER 1: Typescript of letters dated Jan. 18, 1861 from Arthur I. Boreman; letter dated June 22, 1861 from Jeremiah Dale Leachman (later Chaplain, Co. F, 17th Virginia Cavalry, CSA); letter dated Sept. 29, 1864, Parkersburg, WV, from W. E. Stevenson to Rector regarding soldier vote in the Presidential election.

Rice, Otis. Collection. 1835-2003. Ms2003-324
Correspondence, notes and other materials of first state historian laureate and West Virginia Tech professor. Majority of material is secondary and Civil War subjects include Fort Scammon , copies of some Civil War diaries, Index to Letters Received by the 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 8th Army Corps, in the Kanawha Valley 1863-1864, etc.

Rife, Jacob Marvin. Collection. Ms78-2
Captain Jacob Marvin Rife, (born Nov. 11, 1838 Piketon, OH), served in the 7th West Virginia Cavalry (formerly 8th West Virginia Infantry and 8th West Virginia Mounted Infantry) and 18th Ohio Regiment during the Civil War.

Two boxes of correspondence of Civil War soldier during the war and postwar years. Collection includes numerous military orders and telegrams for 1861-1865 written from camps in Virginia and West Virginia; letter from John H. Oley dated 1883; late 1800s letters and autographed photo from Rutherford B. Hayes; Military Order of the Loyal Legion and Grand Army of the Republic documents relating to Rife; Rife's military commissions; hand-written article on "Averell's Raid on Salem"; muster rolls; pension claim; claim for a lost horse during the war; scrapbook; and numerous postwar letters and documents relating to the war from family members and former soldiers.

Robinson, M. P. Manuscript. Ca. 1937. Ms80-305
Typescript literary manuscript titled "West Virginia Commands in the CSA" by M. P. Robinson, archivist, West Virginia State Archives, for Mrs. D. E. French, Historian, West Virginia United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Roger's Drugstore/Charleston Local History. Collection. 1803-1915. Ms85-15

Romney. Civil War Information. n.d. Ms92-108
Information regarding Civil War sites in and near Romney, WV, many on state land. Included is a copy of a lithograph titled, "Camps of the 4th Brigade, , 1st Div., 8th Army Corps, near Romney" by Sgt. Maj. Lucian Gray, 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry. Bulk of material photostatic copies of secondary sources.

Rucker family. Collection. 1861-1940. Ms94-45
George W. Rucker, (born ca. 1834-died June 16, 1926 Clendenin, Kanawha County, WV). Resident and farmer of Kanawha County, WV.

Rucker family. Collection. n.d. Ms2009-099
Photocopies of notes and information compiled for West Virginia Civil War medal claim for Henry Rucker, 45th U. S. (Colored) Troops (Infantry).

Ruffner, David. Collection. Ms85-64
Collection contains a folder with photocopies of newspaper clippings concerning West Virginia and the Civil War and a photocopy of the journal of R. Gardner Putney.

Ruffner Memorial Park. Collection. 1831-1950. Ms2009-067
Transcriptions and photocopies of deeds, court cases and other documents pertaining to Charleston, WV, park. Brief mention of park (cemetery) situation during the Civil War.

Samuels, Henry J. Biographical sketch by Fred B. Lambert, 1904. Ms79-207
Henry J. Samuels of Cabell County, member of the 120th Regiment Militia Courts of Enquiry, Adjutant General of the Restored Government and circuit judge.

Handwritten biographical sketch of Henry J. Samuels by Fred B. Lambert.

Scrapbook. 1846-1919. Sc95-20
Various clippings, primarily Civil War poetry. Includes an 1861 broadside for the 1st (West) Virginia Regiment.

Scrapbook. 1865-1913. Sc83-16
Charles L. Brown scrapbook of clippings, including articles from the October 5, 1865 issue of the Parkersburg Gazette newspaper.

Scrapbook. 1862-1864. Sc85-103
Scrapbook of Civil War period newspaper clippings, mostly from West Virginia papers, 1862-1864.

Scrapbook. ca. 1860s. Sc2003-018
Scrapbook of Civil War and postwar clippings, many poetry. Included is a hand-written address cut "out of the Confederate Subsistence Dept., Richmond,"; Confederate currency (possibly reproduction); and a "Program for Memorial Services, Geo. G. Meade Post No. 1, Dept. of Pennsylvania, Grand Army of the Republic, in Laurel Hill Cemetery," dated May 30, 1881.

Scrapbook. Lewis County. ca. 1910s. Sc2003-017
Clippings of Lewis County, West Virginia history, mostly written by historian Roy Bird Cook. Civil War articles include the battle of Bulltown; soldiers from Lewis County; Co. B, 15th West Virginia Infantry; Co. C, 10th West Virginia Infantry; and a series on the Civil War in Lewis County.

Scrapbook. Pocahontas County, West Virginia. ca. 1949. Sc85-106
Scrapbook compiled by Mrs. Rella Clark Yeager, Historian, Pocahontas County Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy. Includes numerous clippings on Pocahontas County history and Confederate soldiers. The bulk of clippings are from Confederate Veteran magazine. Also included is an unknown (probably Pocahontas Times) newspaper clipping called "The Battle of White Sulphur Springs."

Scrapbook. Harrison County, West Virginia. 1846-1919. Sc91-45
Scrapbook primarily on Harrison County, WV, families. Includes a Republican National Ticket for U. S. Grant for U. S. president and Schuyler Colfax for vice-president. Also included is a clipping on Confederate Quantrill.

Scrapbooks. Craig family. ca. 1861-1960. Sc86-201
Scrapbooks (mostly of Putnam County, West Virginia interest) kept by Lucy and Mary Craig, including clippings, correspondence, photographs, programs, Confederate currency, and miscellaneous. Included is original correspondence regarding Clark Craig's 'stay in Illinois' and letters to and from Gen. W. Strong at Cairo, IL, and Chaplain George S. Woodhull, 4th West Virginia Infantry, on the Ohio River near Gallipolis, OH, and a Dr. Burke. The documents are dated April and June of 1862. Also in the scrapbooks are two military 'pass through Confederate lines' for D. B. Washington, from the Provost Marshal at Demopolis, Alabama; a clipping of the 1898 Confederate reunion at Atlanta, Georgia; a $10.00 (1864) and $20.00 (1861) Confederate States of America currency; and a few postcards/pictures of Gen. Robert E. Lee and the statue of Stonewall Jackson in Charleston, WV.

Script. Radio Play. 1951. Sc2010-136
Script for the radio play "Jones' Raid on Morgantown in 1863" by Mabel Devries Tanner, November 7, 1951.

Shafer family. Manuscript. 1991. Ms2003-217
Literary manuscript on Shafer family by Janet Burns includes a copy photo of John Shafer, Co. K, 13th West Virginia Infantry, in uniform.

Sinnett, Abel Propst. Collection. ca. 1782-1924. Ms2002-050
Abel Propst Sinnett (1816-ca. 1900) was a surveyor, magistrate and notary public in Kanawha County, WV.

Slack, Greenbury. Letters, account books, 1865-1868. Ms80-122
Greenbury Slack (1807-1863) served as a justice of the peace and member of the 1861 and 1863 Constitutional Conventions from Kanawha County. He served in the West Virginia Senate 1863-1868. Letters and account books of Greenbury Slack, 1865-1868.

Slave Materials. 1814-1861. Ms85-147.
Slave materials include bills of sale, deeds, etc.

Snider Family. Correspondence. 1860-1866. Ms84-184
Correspondence and military records of the Snider family, most between Capt. Morris M. Snider, Co. I, 4th West Virginia Cavalry, and his brother, S. S. Snider. Includes letters written from Clarksburg, WV (Nov. 8, 1863); Camp Boreman (Sept. 13, 1863); New Creek, WV (Feb. 15, 1864); and Commission to Captain in 4th West Virginia Cavalry for Morris (Aug. 29, 1863).

Snider, Col. Joseph. Collection. 1862-1864. Ms99-001
Original Civil War correspondence of Col. Joseph Snider, 7th West Virginia Infantry and 4th West Virginia Cavalry, to his daughter Mary Edith. Also, a photo in uniform of Snider and photocopies of family history materials.

Society of the Blue and Gray, 1906-1925. Ms80-6
Most of these materials for the Society of the Blue and Gray concern the Jackson County, WV, area. Collection includes financial records, programs, and a minute and attendance book for reunions, listing veterans by name, age and unit.

Soldiers Memorial. 1863. Sc87-130 [Oversized shelved as Z-11-5]
Soldiers Memorial for Co. C, 8th [West] Virginia Mounted Infantry [later designated 7th West Virginia Cavalry], 1863.

Soldiers Memorial. 1865. Sc2006-087
Soldiers Memorial (photographic copy) for Co. E, 13th West Virginia Infantry, Feb. 1865.

Soldiers Memorial. ca. 1863. Sc86-39 [Oversized shelved as Z12-3].
Soldiers Memorial for Co. H, 12th West Virginia Infantry (Wheeling), ca. 1863.

Soldiers Memorial. 1910. Sc2013-027
Individual Soldiers Memorial for Clark Kelley, originally emlisted in Co. E, 7th West Virginia Infantry, and reenlisted in Co. E, 17th West Virginia Infantry, listing rank and unit battles, issued July 1910.

Sons of Union Veterans. Camp J. A. J. Lightburn, Weston, WV. 1905-1920. Ms2004-023
Two boxes of journals, record books, correspondence, and miscellaneous materials relating to Camp J. A. J. Lightburn, Sons of Union Veterans, Weston, WV.

St. Clair, Lucy Lee Kuykendall. Collection. ca. 1930s-1970s. Ms2002-061
Photocopies of family history materials on assorted eastern panhandle and Hardy County, WV families, including some mention of Civil War activities, such as McNeill's Rangers. Information is primarily secondary.

Stacy, Dixie. Collection. 1824-1960. Ms2008-095
Civil War and family papers of George Joachim, 7th Ohio Battery Light Artillery. Included is his June 20, 1864 promotion to sergeant; original diary for part of 1862-1863; an April 16, 1862 letter written in German from Camp Benton, Post Hospital, St. Louis, MO to his wife and children (includes a printed litho letterhead of 'Gunboat Benton'); his January 6, 1865 discharge; and his membership transfer certificate from G.A.R. Post #598 dated 1903.

Starke family. Collection. 1836-1916. Ms96-38
Letters, deeds, account book and other material of Charleston, WV, family. Included is a typed letter about service in the Charleston Sharpshooters and Co. G, 19th Virginia Cavalry, and an 1863 tax receipt for John W. Stark in Kanawha County, WV.

Statehood Papers, 1863. Ms79-244
Artificial collection of documents relating to the statehood movement.

Sterrett Family. Collection. 1865-1970. Ms81-30
Collection includes miscellaneous material on Samuel Alexander Sterrett, (born Aug. 21, 1841; died May 11, 1937), a veteran of Co. A, 36th Virginia Infantry, CSA.

Stutler, Boyd B. Collection. Ms78-1
Boyd B. Stutler, (born 1889 near Cox's Mill, Gilmer County, WV; died 1970 Charleston, WV), was an author, publisher, war correspondent and collector of historical materials, raised in Gilmer and Calhoun counties but lived most of life in Charleston, WV.

Letters, research materials, scrapbooks, sheet music, photographs, stamps and other printed and manuscript materials, many focusing on John Brown, his raid at Harpers Ferry, the Civil War, Civil War Centennial, the American Legion, the 314th Field Artillery (WWI) and the 80th Division Veterans Association. Major subseries of collection include John Brown, wife Mary Ann Brown, sons Jason, John Jr., Oliver, Owen, Salmon, daughters Annie Brown Adams, Ruth Brown Thompson; Lydia Marie Child; Kate Field; William Lloyd Garrison; Horace Greeley; Richard Hinton; Frank Sanborn; George Stearns; Samuel Gridley Howe; Peregrine Hays; Joseph H. Diss Debar; Major Edgar Blundon; Rutherford B. Hayes; John S. Witcher; Eleanor Barnes; Clarence Gee; Henry T. McDonald. Finding aid available.

NOTE: This collection includes four boxes of supplemental material not originally processed, which includes a variety of Civil War information:

The collection also contains unprocessed over-sized materials which include some original wartime broadsides, lithographs, newspapers, etc.

Summers County. Collection. 1862(?)-1909. Ms2009-158
Photocopies of receipts and documents relating to the Campbell, Flanagan and Murrell families. Included is a letter written by Curtis Ballard (7th West Virginia Cavalry, formerly 8th West Virginia Infantry) from hospital at Point Pleasant, WV, dated June 1, 186(2 or 3).

Summers, James Calvin. Information. n.d. Ms2011-022
Information on West Virginia Civil War Medal of Honor winner James Calvin Summers, Co. H, 4th West Virginia Infantry. Family information and photograph of his West Virginia Civil War medal.

Sutton, Felix, and Naomi. Correspondence. 1863-1864. Ms87-37
Felix Sutton (1802-1884)

Three letters from Felix Sutton to Naomi: (1) letter dated Aug. 12, 1863 mentions fight at Beverly, WV between William L. Jackson and Thomas M. Harris (2): letter dated October 9, 1863 mentions battle of Rocky Gap (White Sulphur Springs) (3): letter dated March 24, 1864 from Braxton County, WV. Also included in collection is a handbill for Members of the Second Legislature of West Virginia.

Swann, John Sterling. "Prison Life in Fort Delaware" by John Swann, 1864- 1865. Ms79-237
Literary manuscript written in December of 1886 by Capt. John Sterling Swann, Co. A. 26th (Edgar's) Battalion Virginia Infantry, CSA, entitled "Prison Life in Fort Delaware." John S. Swann was born Oct. 16, 1822 and died at Charleston, WV, Dec. 5, 1903.

Swann, Thomas Belt. Letters. Ms79-141
Thomas B. Swann (born Sept. 12, 1824; died May 13, 1897), a lawyer in of Kanawha County, WV, served as a captain of the Elk River Tigers (Co. E, 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA) in the first part of the war and later was lieutenant colonel of Swann's Battalion Virginia Cavalry, CSA.

Two items: letter dated April 30, 1865, HQ, U.S. Forces, Office of the Provost Marshal, Mt. Sterling, KY, consisting of a statement of loyalty for former Confederate, Lt. Col. Thomas B. Swann, Swann's Battalion Virginia Cavalry; an 1881 letter to Swann from Gen. Ulysses S. Grant regarding building a railroad in West Virginia.

Sydenstricker, Michael. Partial letter, ca. 1865-70. MS80-144
Incomplete letter from Michael Sydenstricker, probably Greenbrier County, discussing need for strong Union men and reconciling North and South and adhering to constitution. Probably written during Reconstruction period.

Thomas, Jean. Collection. 1720s-2003. Ms2010-154
Genealogy and research materials, much of Blizzard family. Finding aid available.

Thompson, C. L. Manuscript. 1917. Ms80-307
Typescript literary manuscript "The Battle of Scary Creek and Some Incidents of It" describing the July 17, 1861 battle of Scary Creek, Putnam County, WV.

Throckmorton family. Collection. 1819-1894. Ms80-207
Included is a clipping, apparently from "The National Cyclopdedia of American Biography," on John Ariss Throckmorton, who served with the 6th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.

Trade card. 1880. Sc82-19
Trade card of J. A. Joel and Company, Supplier of Military and Society Goods. On reverse of card is a picture of the battle of Gettysburg.

United Confederate Veterans. Camp Jenkins. 1889-1923. Ms2002-024
Original and photocopies of records of dues, burials and minute books of Camp Jenkins, Parkersburg, WV.

United Confederate Veterans, West Virginia Division, 1893-1915. Ms80-8
United Confederate Veterans was a fraternal organization of Confederate Civil War veterans.

Records of the Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee camps, articles on Camp Patton and Camp Thomas Broun, as well as overall listing of camps.

United Daughters of the Confederacy. Jane Dice Papers. 1823-1926. Ms2002-107
Correspondence with Mrs. Jane Dice of Lewisburg, WV, concerning the West Virginia UDC in World War I and family correspondence ca. 1884.

United States Treasury Department. Letters. 1862. Ms90-92
Handwritten copies of two letters (January 11, 1862 and March 19, 1862) regarding Wheeling Custom House.

Van Meter, Rebecca. Diary. July 31, 1855-April 22, 1865. Ms2011-025
Transcript of diary #4 of Old Fields, Hardy County resident. Includes detailed war material. Restricted use.

Vaughan, C. Daybook. 1857-1872. Ms96-10
Daybook for C. Vaughan, Mountain Cove, Fayette County, WV. Brief entries 1862, 1864, and 1865.

Veazey, Oscar A. Collection. ca. 1885-1900. Ms2003-047
Letters and two scrapbooks, most letters from his wife in Dego, Kanawha County, WV. The scrapbooks contain scattered clippings about the war, a handwritten poem and drawing (called "Yesterday") about the war, $10 and $20 Confederate currency (reproduction?), a short typed piece called "Extract from an old diary" by Mrs. Martha Hansford Smith about Co. I, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA, in the Kanawha Valley. Most of the information in this collection appears to relate to the Hansford family of Pratt, Kanawha County, WV.

Vickers, Simeon Edward and Bertha Smoot Vickers. Collection. 1861-1957. Ms2009-091
Correspondence and papers of the Vickers and Smoot families of Lincoln County, WV.

Virginia Court of Appeals, Lewisburg, records, 1776-1921. Ms79-83
Briefs, court orders, transcripts, wills, and other legal documents from cases tried in the Virginia Court of Appeals held at Sweet Springs and Lewisburg.

Virginia Convention, 1861-1863. Ar906
Minutes of the Board of Commissioners appointed by the Constitutional Convention in regular session to determine and certify results of the election, distribute copies of the constitution, secure representation if legislature reconvened, issue proclamation declaring constitution operative, 1863-1863. 1 v. This volume also contains minutes of the executive committee appointed by the Constitutional Convention of 1861 to oversee the voting on the constitution and to obtain admission of West Virginia as a state, if the constitution is ratified.
Donor: Virginia (Restored Government).

Virginia Infantry, 31st Regiment, CSA, 1861-1865. Ms79-238
Records of the 31st Regiment, Virginia Infantry, CSA. Extensive collection of regimental records, including documents from such locations as Camp Allegheny, Bunker Hill, Caroline County, VA, and Salem, VA. Letters from the Army Committee Y.M.C.A. and Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society, two early 1862 letters written to Col. William L. ("Mudwall") Jackson, and assorted muster rolls. Two items relating to the 13th West Virginia Infantry are included and may be 'captured' material or may actually be misplaced from another collection.

Virginia Militia, Kanawha Riflemen, 1858. Ms79-149
Pledge record of the Kanawha Riflemen (later Co. H, 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA) dated 1858.

Virginia State Convention. Scrapbooks. 1861. Sc79-107
Two boxes of scrapbooks with clippings from such papers as The National Intelligencer, Virginia Sentinel, and Richmond Enquirer related to the 1861 Virginia State Convention. The clippings are pasted into account books from the early 1800s of a J. Baker Kearfoot, with much of the account book material yet visible. Also included are two folders of loose clippings from the same papers.

Visiting Card. n. d. Sc82-45
Visiting card for G. B. McClellan [George B. McClellan]. n. d.

Watts, Lewis Franklin. Collection. 1856-1867. Ms79-210
Lewis Franklin Watts (born Feb. 22, 1829 Greenbrier Co., WV; died Aug. 15, 1891 Crows, VA) was captain of Company F (Rocky Point Greys from Monroe Co., WV), 22nd VA Infantry, CSA., and 14th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.

Photocopies of original documents and transcriptions pertaining to Lewis F. Watts, most letters home to wife. Camps include Scary Creek, Camp Two Mile, Camp Tompkins, Camp Gauley, Sewell Mountain, Lewisburg, Dublin Depot, Fairfield, and Lexington

Wehrle Family. Collection. 1861-1910. Ms91-69
Land deeds for Kanawha County, WV, including deed for Lewis Wehrle. Non-military.

Welch-McFarland Family. Papers. 1832-1901. Ms79-188
Family papers of the Welch and McFarland families of Kanawha and Greenbrier counties of West. Virginia.

West Virginia. Adjutant Generals' Papers. 1861-1983.
The Adjutant General is Chief of Staff to the Governor and commanding general of the organized militia. He directs the planning and employment of the military forces of the State in carrying out their State mission, establishes unified command of State forces whenever jointly engaged, coordinates the military affairs with the Civil Defense of the State and organizes and coordinates the activities of all civil agencies including local and State police in event of declaration of limited emergency by the Governor. He is responsible for the organization, administration, training, and supply of the organized militia and maintains an accurate account of all State and U.S. property issued to the State. He supervises the expenditures of monies allocated for the maintenance of the different military activities within the State and maintains a bureau of records of the service of West Virginia troops in the Wars of the United States. The Adjutant General is appointed by the Governor.

The Adjutant General of West Virginia is responsible for all military records and affairs of the state. The official date of creation of the office was 1897; prior to that date the office was combined with that of the Quartermaster General from 1863-71. From 1871-77 the State Superintendent of Free Schools served as Adjutant General ex-officio. In 1877 the duties transferred to the State Librarian ex-officio until the official creation of the Adjutant General Office in 1897.

Restrictions: The Archives does not currently have the necessary equipment to make proper photostatic copies of oversized items such as muster rolls and order, descriptive, and clothing books. Staff may determine whether an item is too large and/or too fragile to copy.

West Virginia. Board of Public Works. Record of direct tax claims certified for payment, 1865, 1 v. Ar1173
Donor: Board of Public Works.

West Virginia Civil War Regimental Historical memoranda, n.d.
Typescript copies of West Virginia infantry and cavalry regimental historical memoranda. Artillery is not included.

West Virginia. Department of Commerce. Records, 4 in. Ar255
Records concerning the statue, "Abe Lincoln Walks at Midnight."

Donor: Department of Commerce.

West Virginia. Governor's Office. Messages to the legislature, 1863-1875. Ar904
Donor: Governor's Office.

West Virginia. Governor's Office. Messages to the legislature, 1861-1863. Ar905
Donor: Governor's Office.

West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Society minutes, records, 1886-1893. Ms79-71
West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Society was incorporated Feb. 11, 1890 to collect and preserve items relating to West Virginia's history. Its collections and functions were transferred to the Bureau of Archives and History May 25, 1905.

Minutes, reports, membership, correspondence, donation and loan records, and other miscellaneous records. Also includes records of Kanawha Valley Historical Society.

Various receipt books listing Civil War items in the museum and archives collection, particularly from 1895 to 1900. Such entries include "bucket bottom left on the battlefield of Fayetteville [WV]" and "drum from the 22nd Virginia Infantry." Collection also includes postwar documents from former Civil War soldiers John P. Hale, Thomas Broun, and Isaac Duval.

West Virginia. House journal, 1863 June - Dec. 11. Ar945
Donor: West Virginia Legislature. [Currently on loan to the West Virginia State Museum]

West Virginia. House journal, 1864-1868. Ar946
Donor: West Virginia Legislature.

West Virginia. House journal, 1865. Ar1151
Donor: West Virginia Legislature.

West Virginia Independence Hall Foundation Collection. Sc87-136. Ca. 1871-1979.
Assorted materials concerning West Virginia Independence Hall, Wheeling, WV, including an undated Poll Book #42 listing names voting for or against statehood. Inserted in book is an anonymous, undated letter to President Lincoln encouraging him to support statehood.

West Virginia Legislature. 1866. Ms80-292
Resolution by the West Virginia Legislature seeking federal relief for Civil War damages, 1866 January 24. Signed by Granville Hall.

West Virginia. Minute book for the District Court of the Tenth District, 1854-1862. Ar1139
Donor: Unknown.

West Virginia. Secretary of State. 1863-1865. Ar1769

West Virginia. Secretary of State. 1861-1867. Ar1748

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. Extradition Requisitions, 1863-1925. Ar1775

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. List of notaries public, 1863-1879, 1 v. Ar1186
Donor: Secretary of State's Office.

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. Notary public miscellaneous records, 1863-1924, 20 in. Ar1741
Includes bonds, oaths, resignations, qualifications, applications, seals, signatures, etc. Donor: Secretary of State's Office.

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. Register of powers of attorney, 1865-1890, 1 v. Ar1168
Donor: Secretary of State's Office.

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. Power of attorney records, 1864-1943, 36 ft. Arranged chronologically. Ar1345
Donor: Secretary of State's Office.

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. Notary public application records, 1863-1925, 17 ft. Ar1429
Donor: Secretary of State's Office.

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. Miscellaneous records, 1864-1920, 15 in. Ar1748
Donor: Secretary of State's Office.

West Virginia. Secretary of State's Office. Election return records, 1861-1866; Campaign expenditures, announcements and election certification records, 1863-1924; Records of the Virginia Debt suit, annexation of Berkeley County and Jefferson County, letters of Governor Arthur I. Boreman, and miscellaneous papers. Ar1769

Donor: Secretary of State's Office. / Board of Control. / Governor's Office. / Board of Public Works.

West Virginia. Senate journal, 1864. Ar981
Donor: West Virginia Legislature.

West Virginia. Senate journal, 1865. Ar982
Donor: West Virginia Legislature.

West Virginia. Senate Record Book, 1863 June 20-Dec. 10, 1 v. Ar902
Donor: West Virginia Legislature.

West Virginia. Superintendent of Public Printing. Order book, 1863-1900, 1 v. Ar1187
Donor: Superintendent of Public Printing.

West Virginia. Superintendent of Public Printing. Account records, 1865-1866. Ar1198
Donor: Superintendent of Public Printing.

West Virginia. Treasurer's Office. Ledger records, 1861-1864. 2 v. Ar53-54
Holdings: 1861-1862, 1863-1864.
Donor: Virginia (Restored Government).

West Virginia. Treasury Department. Certificate receipt records, 1863-1867, 1 v. Ar56
Donor: Treasury Department.

West Virginia. Treasury Department. Appropriation records, 1863-1865, 1 v. Ar57
Donor: Treasury Department.

Whaley, Kellian Van Rensalear. Papers. 1863-1879 (bulk 1863-1866). Ms80-126
Kellian Van Rensalear Whaley (1821-1876) U. S. Congressman from Virginia (1861-1863) and West Virginia (1863-1867). Also served as Aide, Brevet Colonel of Cavalry, Governor's Staff, State Troops (April 9, 1862-May 28, 1863). Letters to Kellian Van Rensalear Whaley from various correspondents, including General Isaac Duval, D. D. Farnsworth, General R. H. Milroy, William Francis Seward (son of the Sec. of State), General Franz Sigel, 1863-1879, John H. Oley, and Charles Capehart, most concerning politics and the Civil War.

FOLDER 1 contains typed transcriptions of the letters and FOLDER 2 contains the originals.

Wheeling Artificial Collection. 1810-1914. Ms2006-044
Includes 109 letters dated 1861-1865 of Chester and William Hubbard; correspondence between Ellery Hall and Arthur I. Boreman (1863); F. H. Pierpont to Arthur I. Boreman (1864); numerous letters of Dr. Alfred Hughes, southern sympathizer, from Camp Chase, OH (1862); Gen. J. A. J. Lightburn to Col. Mulligan (April 28, 1863); various correspondence to J. B. Ford, assistant quartermaster at Wheeling (including Gen. Benjamin F. Kelly, Hornbrook and Darr); appointment of J. B. Ford as Assistant Quartermaster of Volunteers on the staff of Gen. Hooker dated September 24, 1863 (signed by Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War); an account book for J. P. Greer for 1861-1865; a copy of the 1870 Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia signed by F. H. Pierpont; a copy of the 1862 Acts of the General Assembly of Wheeling; and an 1862 calendar converted into a chess/checkers board.

Willoughby, J. B. Diary. 1862-1865. Ms94-46
Photocopy of partial transcription and diary believed owned by James B. Willoughby, a musician in Co. F, 123rd Ohio Infantry, covering the period 1862-1865. The regiment spent time in West Virginia. Also included is a short biographical sketch and photocopies of photographs of some Union generals.

Wiltshire, Mary. Estate settlement. 1864-1872. Ms80-225
Jefferson County, WV estate settlement 1864. Non-military.

Wintz, William D. Collection. 1807-1985. Ms2013-028
Collection includes photostatic copies of three pages from January of 1862 of the William F. Dusenberry diaries. The 34th Ohio Infantry (Zouaves) are mentioned. Dusenberry operated a mill at present -day Martha, Cabell County, WV. The original diaries are in the Fred Lambert Collection, Marshall University, Huntington, WV.

Wise, Henry Alexander. Letters to E. W. M. McComas, 1855. Ms80-158
Henry Alexander Wise (1806-1876), lawyer, Congressman (1833-1844) Governor of Virginia (1855-1859), Confederate Brigadier-General during the Civil War.

Three letters from Henry Alexander Wise to E. W. M. McComas, 1855, concerning political situation in Virginia, Wise as a possibly presidential candidate, slavery.

Wood, John Henry. Diary. 1865 Jan-Aug. Ms80-20
John Henry Wood was a 1st lieutenant in the 10th West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War.

Photocopy of diary entries for January-August 1865.

Workman Family. Collection. 1863-1976. Ms2004-099
Photocopies of correspondence among family members including William H. Workman, Co. B, 7th West Virginia Cavalry, to cousin at Bald Knob, Boone Co., WV. Military camps include Beverly, Buckhannon, Charleston, and Martinsburg.

Works Projects Administration, Transcripts of privately owned manuscript collections, 1940. Ms79-228
Transcripts compiled by the WPA of privately owned manuscript collections in West Virginia, inlcuding Solomon Fleming letters, Phares Collection, Tenney Collection, Sotha Hickman Collection, Darnel Collection, Yeager Collection, Gooch Collection, Mineral County Historical Society Collection, Frye Collection, Mason Mathews Papers, Alkire Collection, Henry Westfall diary, and William McCleery Papers

Wyoming County. Court Execution Records. Ms84-157
BOX 35: Wyoming County, West Virginia, court execution records, briefly covers the years 1861-1865. Non-military.

West Virginia Sequicentennial

West Virginia Archives and History