Fort Ashby

Mineral Daily News
July 29, 1927

D. A. R. Hold Annual Picnic at Frankfort

Potomac Valley Chapter D. A. R., held its annual picnic on Thursday afternoon, July 28th, at Old Fort Ashby in Frankfort. The picnic itself was a grand success and all present voted it the very nicest one every held by the Chapter, but the day will always be a red letter day in the annals of the Chapter as one that date the Fort was purchased, bought and paid for by Potomac Valley Chapter, D. A. R. The sale has been pending for a long time and while the picnic was going on the final settlements were made. The Chapter will endeavor to restore the Fort to its original condition and preserve it as one of the historical spots of Mineral County.

The afternoon was most pleasantly spent in examining and exploring the Fort which was extremely interesting and in taking pictures of the Fort and the guests, but the best and most enjoyable feature of the entire afternoon and evening was the beautiful supper furnished and served by members of the Potomac Valley Chapter as only they can do it, and full justice was done to the supper by everyone.

Just at sunset all departed after spending a most delightful afternoon and those present were, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Criser, Sen. and Mrs. E. B. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bowden, Mr. and Mrs. William MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Riley, Prof. and Mrs. J. C. Sanders, Mrs. B. B. Cavitt, Mrs. George A. Carskadon, Mrs. Jesse T. Little, Mrs. James T. Carskadon. Mrs. T. H. Davis, Mrs. Albert Davis, Mrs. A. B. Everly, Mrs. Marcus Wagoner, Misses Margaretta Baker, Mattie Brown, Frances Brengle, Hallie Sayre, Maria Frye, Pauline Gelwicks, Ada Wagoner, Lilly Wagoner, Bessie Verder, Janet MacDonald, June Everly, Messrs. Stanton Baker, John Miller, C. N. Finnell, Wilbur Hoffman, Jesse Little and Joe Hodgson.

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