Exploration, Settlement and
Conflict (1600-1799)



An Overview of Early Settlement in Western Virginia
Social and Industrial Life in Early Settlements
Rural Life
"Folk Medicine" by Peggy S. Fisher (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Native American Clashes With European Settlers
Religion in Western Virginia
Sketches by Joseph H. Diss Debar
Settlement Illustrations


Journal of the Batts and Fallam Expedition, 1671
Batts and Fallam Expedition (Time Trail)


Sources on Alexander Spotswood
Description of Spotswood's Transmontane Expedition
Journal of John Fontaine
"The Virginians of the Valley"
"Virginia Frontier Defenses, 1719-1795" by Roy Bird Cook (West Virginia History)
Morgan Morgan Organizes Militia (Time Trail)
Sources on Morgan Morgan
"The Lead Plates" (Celeron de Blainville)
Translation of Lead Plate (Celeron de Blainville)
George Washington's Notes on Survey of William Warden Lands
Deed For Land Conveyed from Lord Fairfax to William Warden
"Early Land Grants and Settlers Along Patterson Creek" by Charles Morrison (West Virginia History)
An Example of a Fairfax Land Grant
George Washington Acquires His First Land in Present-Day West Virginia (Time Trail)
Colonial Council of Virginia: The Loyal Company
Journal of Thomas Walker
Journal of Christopher Gist, 1750-51, for the Ohio Company
Sources on Christopher Gist


French and Indian War: Primary Documents
Battle of the Trough
D. A. R. Hold Annual Picnic at Frankfort
"Fragment of the Old Frontier"
Sources on Mary Draper Ingles
"Mary Ingles' Escape Story Like 'Thriller' Fiction Tale"
"New Interpretations of Fort Seybert"
Description of the Fort Seybert Massacre, From Chronicles of Border Warfare
"Pendleton Indian Massacre One of History's Worst"
Incorporation of Romney and Shepherdstown (Time Trail)
Proclamation of 1763 (Time Trail)
Royal Proclamation of 1763
"Cornstalk's Raid on the Greenbrier - 1763"
"John Ewing and the Clendenin Massacre"
John Stuart's Account of the Clendenin Massacre
Journal of George Washington, from an expedition along the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers
"An Incident: A Scrap of Border History"
Massacre of Logan's Family (Time Trail)
Sources on Logan
"Logan: A Friend of the White Man"
Sources on Cornstalk
Fighting Chief Cornstalk's Remains Laid To Rest Again"
Battle of Point Pleasant (Time Trail)
"'Manufactured History': Re-Fighting the Battle of Point Pleasant" (West Virginia History)
"Colonel William Fleming in Dunmore's War, 1774" by William D. Hoyt Jr. (West Virginia History)
Dunmore's War: Primary Documents
"Fort Morris Was Virginia Defense Post"
"Vandalia: The First West Virginia?" by James Donald Anderson (West Virginia History)
"Frontier Defense: Colonizing Contested Areas in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia" (electronic document courtesy Kim McBride and W. Stephen McBride)


Revolutionary War and Its Aftermath
Revolutionary War: Primary Documents
Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestor
"The Earliest Printed Version of David Morgan and the Two Indians" by Jack B. Moore (West Virginia History)
1777 Roster of Captain Haymond's Company, Monongalia County Militia

Fort Randolph

Fort Donnally

"The Death of Major Samuel McColloch: Historical Record and Oral History" by Bruce D. Bonar (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"A Captive of the Shawnees, 1779-1784" John H. Moore (West Virginia History)
Claypool's Rebellion
Claypool's Rebellion: Primary Documents

Elizabeth Zane and Fort Henry

"Battle of Captina: A Scrap of Border History"
Will of Charles Lee
James Rumsey Demonstrates His Steamboat (Time Trail)
"A Short Treatise on the Application of Steam," by James Rumsey
Proposals of George Clendenin for the Frontier Defense of Western Virginia
Establishment of Fort Lee at Charleston (Time Trail)
Shepherdstown Considered For Nation's Capital (Time Trail)
"First Duel in the Valley of the Kenawha"
Charleston Becomes an Official City (Time Trail)

Whiskey Rebellion

Masthead of the Potomak Guardian, 1798
"Two Hundred Years in the Telling" by Barbara Smith (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"First Settlement at Grave Creek"
Sources on the Wizard Clip
"Wizzard Clip"
John Stuart 1798 Account of Settlement Era of Greenbrier County


Resources on Francis Asbury
"Statue of Bishop Francis Asbury Erected in Washington"

Anne Bailey

Sources on Jesse Hughes
"West Virginia Sketch Book-Drawing of Jesse Hughes' Cabin"

Margaret and Harman Blennerhassett

Daniel Boone

"The Cranes of Greenbrier County" by Diane Crane Benelli, C. Michael Pavesi, Charles A. Cohenour, and Kathy Cohenour (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Sources on Simon Girty
"Famous Traitor Simon Girty Was Here"
John George Jackson Escapes a Deadly Fire (Time Trail)
Sources on Nancy Hanks Lincoln
Sources on Tecumseh
"Famed Tecumseh Was a West Virginian"

Lewis Wetzel

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