Dr. Thomas Walker and the Loyal Company

Extract from Executive Journals of the Colonial Council of Virginia. Vol. V (November 1, 1739-May 7, 1754). Richmond, VA: Virginia State Library, 1945.

At a Council held July the Twelth [sic] 1749


The Governor
John Robinson
Thomas Lee
Lewis Burwell
John Blair Esqrs
William Dawson D. D. &
John Lewis Esqr

. . .

On the Petition of John Lewis Esqr, Thomas Walker, John Meriwether, Charles Lewis, James Power, Peter Jefferson, Charles Dick, Charles Barrett, Joshua Fry, Thomas Turpin, John Harvey, Thomas Meriweather, Thomas Meriwether junr[,] John Baylor, Samuel Waddy, Robert Barrett, Henry Willis, Peachy Gilmer, John Lewis, James Maury, Thomas Lewis, Peter Hedgeman, John Moore, Robert Martin, Henry Tate, Richard Jones, William Wood, Samuel Dalton, Francis Thornton, Francis Thornton junr, John Thornton, John Pierce, William Stevenson, Nicholas Lewis, Lewis Humphry Hill and John Dixon, Leave is given them to take up and survey Eight Hundred Thousand Acres of Land in one or more Surveys, beginning on the Bounds between this Colony and North Carolina, and running to the Westward and to the North so as to include the said Quantity, and they are allowed four Years Time to survey and pay Rights for the same, upon Return of the Plans to the Secretary's Office.

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