Lord Fairfax and William Warden

Journal of My Journey Over the Mountains
By George Washington
(Albany: Joel Munsell's Sons, Publishers, 1892)
87, 104

November 11th 1749 Then Surveyd for William Warden a certain Tract of waste and ungranted Land Situate in Frederick County and on the Lost River of Cacapehon and Bounded as followeth Beginning at two Hickorys and an Elm on the Creek side and runs thence S 70 Wt Two hundd & twelve Poles to a Spanish Oak a Chesnut & a Maple thence No 20 W: Three hundred poles to a Chesnut Oak a white Oak and Pine thence No 80 Et Two hundd and twelve pos and from thence to the Beginning

Plat drawn

April 18th 1750
Plat drawn

Then Survey'd for David Dunbar a certain Tract of waste Land Situate in Augusta County & on Cacapehon & bounded as followeth beg at a white Oak Chesnut Oak & Maple Corner to Ann Dunbar & run thence S 25 Wt Two hundd Poles to 3 white Oaks thence No 65 Wt Three hundd & Eighty Poles to 3 white Oaks at the foot of a Mountain thence to John Dunbar corner from thence with his Line to ye beg Contg 425 Acres this Plat beg: at John Dunbar's beg. Corner


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