Defense of Andrew Donnally's Actions
During the Attack on Fort Donnally

Frontier Advance on the Upper Ohio, 1778-1779
(Madison: The Wisconsin Historical Society, 1916)

Extract from Virginia Gazette, April 24, 1779.

GREENBRIAR COUNTY, February 18, 1779.

The Following persons are all those who were present, immediately under the command of Col. Andrew Donnelly, when the Indians attacked his house and fort on the 29th of May last, do, in justice to that gentleman's character (basely aspersed by the malicious reports of those who, from their not being present, could not, and from their want of candor, would not be faithful reporters of the truth) solemnly declare, that on that trying occasion he behaved himself with proper resolution and firmness, nor gave the least occasion for being suspected of pusillanimity or want of courage. Your inserting this in your Gazette may obviate the design of those who have raised so malicious a report, and oblige the friends of truth and justice, as well as your humble servants.

John Williams, Lieut.,
R. Williams, Ensign,
William Cutlar,
James Miller,
James Sconce,
William Blake,
John McFerran,
John Lockridge,
James Hugart,
James Donnelly,
John Flinn,
D. Williams,
William Hugart,
Thomas Cooper,
N. H. Cavendish,
James Jordan,
Thomas Ellis,
John Fenton,
J. Hugart,
W. Jamaison,
S. Greer,
W. Gray,
Philip Haman,
T. Hugart.

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