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Primary Resources

A State of Convenience: The Creation of West Virginia (Online Exhibit)
Biographies of Statehood Leaders
Biographies of Western Virginia Delegates to the Richmond Convention
A Bit of History: Recollections of the Richmond Convention
Virginia Ordinance of Secession
Voting Results on the Virginia Ordinance of Secession
Clarksburg Convention
Proceedings of the First Wheeling Convention
Delegates to the First Wheeling Convention
"Recollections and Narative [sic] of a Member of the May Convention of 1861..."
Proceedings of the Second Wheeling Convention, First Session
Delegates to the Second Wheeling Convention
A Declaration of the People of West Virginia
An Ordinance for the Re-Organization of the State Government
Proceedings of the Legislature of the Reorganized Government of Virginia
Legislators for the Reorganized Government of Virginia
Wheeling Intelligencer Editorial on Election of Waitman Willey and John Carlile as Senators from Virginia
US Senate Debate on Acceptance of Waitman Willey and John Carlile As Senators From Virginia
Proceedings of the Second Wheeling Convention, Second Session
Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention
What's In A Name? The Naming of West Virginia
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention
First West Virginia Constitution
US Senate Debate on West Virginia statehood
Granville Parker's Account of Jacob Beeson Blair's Role In Lincoln's Approval of the Statehood Bill
Accounts of Lincoln's Signing of the Statehood Bill by Waitman T. Willey and Jacob Beeson Blair
Opinion of Abraham Lincoln on the Admission of West Virginia
Lincoln's Statehood Proclamation
Letter From Granville Hall To Virgil Lewis (Virgil Lewis Papers, Ar1753)
Speech of Hon. P. G. Van Winkle on the Reorganization of Virginia and Admission of West Virginia
Letter, C. D. Hubbard to G. W. Brown, 11 January 1867 (Ar382, Box 32)
Statehood Images

Secondary Resources

West Virginia Statehood
First Wheeling Convention (Time Trail)
First Statehood Referendum (Time Trail)
Lincoln Approves the Statehood Bill (Time Trail)
"Statehood For West Virginia: An Illegal Act?" by Sheldon Winston (West Virginia History)
"The Makers of West Virginia" by C. H. Ambler (West Virginia History)
"Lincoln and West Virginia Statehood" by J. Duane Squires (West Virginia History)
"Lincoln and the Vast Question of West Virginia" by Dallas S. Shaffer (West Virginia History)
West Virginia Statehood Referendum (Time Trail)


Obituary of Jacob Beeson Blair
Obituary of Arthur Boreman
"Senator Willey Dead"
"Laid To Rest: Last Rites are Performed Over Senator Willey"
Death of statehood leader & U.S. Senator Peter G. Van Winkle (Time Trail)
Obituary of Peter G. Van Winkle
Sketch of the Life of Peter G. Van Winkle
"Granville D. Hall, Second State Secretary, Stricken At Age Of 96"
Biography of Chester D. Hubbard
"A Good Man Gone" (Chester D. Hubbard)
Information on Emmet J. O'Brien

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