Formation of the
West Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
April 22, 1904

Womans Club

State Federation Will Be Organized at Meetings Now Being Held.

Instructive Talk Given Last Evening

Eight Organizations From This City Will Be in the Federation.

To-day the West Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs becomes a reality, when the clubs of this city and all other cities of any importance in the state will be banded together in a state organization, on an equal footing, as it should be with that of any other state.

Sessions of the federation that were held yesterday were merely preliminary and more social than business-like, beginning at 7:30 o'clock last evening with a reception by the Art club of this city at the First Presbyterian church, an event distinctly a success from the standpoint of attendance and enjoyment, and closing with an address by Prof. Mecklin, of Washington & Jefferson college on "Mycenaen Art."

This lecture was illustrated by stereopticon views, lending realism to the speaker's remarks. He touched in brief on the different specimens of the art as discovered by archaoligists [sic] of late years pointing out the different types of the young days of Greece, the clothing, ornaments, mode of warfare and ways of living of the people of that age. Perhaps the architecture held as much interest as anything for his auditors. It shows a remarkable state of preservation, he says. He finished his lecture with a specimen of the fine work of the goldsmiths of those days, two beautiful gold cups, the work of the deft men of those times.

Delegates began arriving in this city yesterday morning and when the Federation organizes to-day the thirty who are to represent the clubs at Parkersburg, Sistersville, Huntington, Ronceverte, Wellsville and Pt. Pleasant, will have arrived.

What may be termed the first session t-day will be preceded by a meeting of the club presidents and then at 10 o'clock the session will be called to order for the purpose of organization.

The Woman's Literary club, the Country club the Students club, the Parliamentary Law club, and the Virginia club, all of this city will be enrolled in the federation, and it will not be surprising if Wheeling furnishes the state president[.]

The organization will finish the morning's business. The Federation will reconvene in the afternoon at 2:15, with the following calendar:

Unfinished business.

Reports of visiting clubs.

Reports of Wheeling clubs.


"Club Extension." Discussion led by Mrs. Charles S. Morrison.

"Traveling Libraries." Discussion led by Mrs. D. L. Murray.

"Village Improvements." Discussion led by Village Improvement Society, of Parkersburg.

Election of delegates to business meeting of the Federation of Women's Clubs, St. Louis, May 17-25.

In the evening the feature will be an address by a national officer, Miss McKnight, president of Pennsylvania Federation of Women's Clubs.

At last night's meeting Mrs. O. R. Woods presided.

The headquarters for many of the delegates are at the McLure, but the following ladies are also playing the part of hostess: The Misses Hubbard, the Misses Ewing, Mrs. Dr. G. A. Aschman, Miss Sarah Cecil, Mrs. Guy R. C. Allen, Mrs. T. C. Burke, Mrs. John M. Birch, Mrs. Dr. H. H. Harrison, Mrs. R. S. Waterman, Dr. Harriet B. Jones, Mrs. Dr. Gregory Ackerman, Mrs. H. J. Mendel, Mrs. F. H. Lange, Mrs. Charles H. Morrison, Mrs. John B. Garden and Miss Whitemore.



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