Early History
Work and Economy


Women's History Month
Timeline of West Virginia Women's History
"Recovery and Revision: Women's History and West Virginia," by Barbara Melosh (West Virginia History)
"Women's Legal Rights in West Virginia, 1863-1984," by Donna J. Spindel (West Virginia History)
Portraits of Women in West Virginia
Additional Reading on West Virginia Women's History

Early History

"A Captive of the Shawnees, 1779-1784," by John H. Moore (West Virginia History)
"Five Tri-State Women During the Civil War," by Claudia Lynn Lady (West Virginia History)
"A Civil War Diary From French Creek: Selections From the Diary of Sirene Bunten," edited by Stephen Cresswell (West Virginia History)


Lewisburg Female Institute
Morgantown Female Academy
West Virginia Legislature Rejects Proposal to Admit Women to WVU (Time Trail)
"Anything But Cordial: Coeducation and West Virginia University's Early Women," by Lillian J. Waugh and Judith G. Stitzel (West Virginia History)
"Persecution and Acceptance: The Strange History of Discrimination Against Married Women Teachers in West Virginia," by Robert J. O'Brien (West Virginia History)
Jameson vs. Board of Education: Supreme Court Decision
"Mrs. Jameson Finally Wins Famous Suit"


Formation of West Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs (Time Trail)
"Women's Clubs Formed State Federation"
"Womans Club: State Federation Will Be Organized at Meetings Now Being Held"
West Virginia Woman's Club Resources
"West Virginia Women's Organizations, 1880s-1930 or Unsexed Termagants...Help the World Along," by Barbara J. Howe (West Virginia History)
Incorporation of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (Time Trail)
Creation of the Mother's Pension Fund (Time Trail)


West Virginia Women's Suffrage Movement
Sources on the Woman Suffrage Movement in West Virginia
Women's Suffrage (Time Trail)
"A Profile of Political Activists: Women of the West Virginia Woman Suffrage Movement," by Anne Wallace Effland (West Virginia History)
West Virginia House of Delegates Resolution to Ratify the 19th Amendment
Extracts From Messages to the Senate In Support or Opposition to the Suffrage Amendment.
Speech of Delegate J. S. Thurmond, March 8, 1920
"Suffragists Begin Work Of Education"
"West Virginia Suffragetts"

Work and Economy

"Women's Work in the West Virginia Economy," by Mary Beth Pudup (West Virginia History)
"Women's Work, Never Done: West Virginia Farm Women, 1880s-1920s," by Shirley C. Eagan (West Virginia History)
"Women in the Industrial Work Force in West Virginia, 1880-1945," by Frances S. Hensley (West Virginia History)
"Midwifery in West Virginia," by Ancella R. Bickley (West Virginia History)
"Three Big Mines In Local Region To Resume Operations" (Women Pickets at Owings Mine)
"Pickets Quiet at Consol Mines" (Women Pickets at Owings Mine)
"Lawyer Explains New Union Plan For Operating Coal Mines In Local Region" (Women Pickets at Owings Mine)
"Strategies for Survival: Women's Work in the Southern West Virginia Coal Camps," by Janet W. Greene (West Virginia History)
Perfection Garment Company Strike
Willow Island's American Cyanamid Plant Enforces Fetal Protection Policy (Time Trail)
Women Coal Miners


Anne Bailey
Sources on Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett
"Ohio River Baroness Returns to Her Early 18th Century Home"
"The Desert Isle," by Margaret Blennerhassett
Sources on Belle Boyd
Sources on Bricktop
Irene Drukker Broh
Izetta Jewell Brown
Virginia Mae Brown
Pearl Buck
Fannie Cobb Carter
Rebecca Harding Davis
Biography of Elizabeth Simpson Drewry
Obituary, Josephine Ogden Forrestal
Anna Gates
Mildred Gillars (Axis Sally)
Lydia Kimble Graham
Sources on Nancy Hart
Helen Holt
Sources on Mary Draper Ingles
"Mary Ingles' Escape Story Like 'Thriller' Fiction Tale"
Anna Jarvis and Mother's Day
Harriet B. Jones
Mother Jones
Elizabeth Kee
Sources on Nancy Hanks Lincoln
Virginia Louise Link
Biography of Mildred Mitchell-Bateman
Sources on Louise McNeill Pease
Livia Nye Simpson Poffenbarger
Biography of Lenna Lowe Yost
Elizabeth Zane

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