Native Americans

Sources on Native Americans in West Virginia
History of Native Americans in West Virginia
Early Native American Cultures (through 1000 BCE)
Early Native American Cultures (1000 BCE-1600 CE)
Mounds and Mound Builders
Native American Clashes with European Settlers
"American Antiquities at Grave Creek"
Grave Creek Mound: Description by Meriwether Lewis, 1803
Grave Creek Mound: Description by Thaddeus Mason Harris, 1803
Grave Creek Mound: Description by Reuben Gold Thwaites, 1894
"Shell Deposits at the Mouth of Short Creek, West Virginia"
"Stone Mounds of Hampshire County, West Virginia"
"Smaller Parts of Mystery Walls Reported Unharmed"
"The Mystery of Armstrong Mountain: Has Prehistoric Site Been Stripped?"
"Walls Tumbled Before Strippers, City Man Vows"
"Was There Actually An Ancient Wall In Fayette?"
"The Old Stone Wall"
"Prehistoric Remains at Mount Carbon"
"Two Prehistoric Indian Mounds Found Near Morgansville"
"Dunbar High School Turns to Archeology"
"Shrouded in Mystery are the Great Pre-Historic Ruins at Bens Run, W. Va."
"Cabell County Once Rich in Relics of Early Race of Moundbuilders"
List of Prehistoric Works
Massacre of Logan's Family (Time Trail)
Sources on Logan
"Logan: A Friend of the White Man"
Sources on Cornstalk
Fighting Chief Cornstalk's Remains Laid To Rest Again"
Sources on Tecumseh
"Famed Tecumseh Was a West Virginian"

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