Greenbrier County


Population 2010 Census: 3,830
Median Age: 46.1 years

Courthouse: Completed 1837
Architect: John W. Dunn

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Formed: 1778
Named: For the principal river that drains the county.
County Seat: Lewisburg
Land in Square Miles: 1,019.57
Population 2010 Census: 35,480
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 34.8

Primary Sources Online
Fort Donnally
John Stuart 1798 Account of Settlement Era of Greenbrier County
Henry Clay at Lewisburg
Lewisburg Female Institute
Letter on 1866 Election
Board of Registration
State vs. E. S. Shue (Greenbrier Ghost)
Alderson Academy
The Greenbrier
42nd Annual Governors Conference Held at The Greenbrier
1960 Presidential Campaign in Greenbrier County
Legislative Act Establishing the West Virginia Osteopathic School of Medicine
Selected Items from the Mutual Improvement Club of Ronceverte Collection

Greenbrier State Forest   (dialup)    (broadband)
West Virginia State Fair   (dialup)    (broadband)
The Greenbrier   (dialup)    (broadband)
Civil War
Public Meeting in Greenbrier, 1861
Military Enthusiasm in Greenbrier, 1861
Affairs at Greenbrier, 1861
From the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, 1861
Volunteer Spirit in Greenbrier, 1861
Letter from White Sulphur Springs, 1861
Things at White Sulphur Springs, 1861
Correspondence from Lewisburg, 1861
Engagement at Greenbrier River, 1861
Battle of Lewisburg, 1862
March to Lewisburg, 1862
Scout from Meadow Bluff to the Greenbrier River, 1862
Expedition to Greenbrier, 1862
Expedition to Cold Knob, 1862
The Enemy in Greenbrier, 1863
Samuel Price, 1863
Battle of White Sulphur Springs, 1863
Fighting in Greenbrier County, 1863
Fight in Greenbrier County, 1863
Brutal Murder, 1864
Yankee Expedition into Greenbrier, 1864
Greenbrier County Union Militia Letters, Folder 16

Photographs of Schools in Greenbrier County
Old Stone Church

Secondary Sources Online
List of Greenbrier County Legislators
Brushy Ridge, Agricultural Extention Community History
Organ Cave, Agricultural Extention Community History
Renick, Agricultural Extention Community History
"Gray Forces Defeated in Battle of Lewisburg," by J. W. Benjamin (West Virginia History)
"The Cranes of Greenbrier County," by Diane Crane Benelli, C. Michael Pavesi, Charles A. Cohenour, Kathy Cohenour (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"Dr. Cyrus Alexander Rupert, 1810-1891," by Don M. Rupert and W. T. Lawrence (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"Cornstalk's Raid on the Greenbrier - 1763," by A. E. Ewing (West Virginia Review)
"John Ewing and the Clendenin Massacre"
Biography of Gov. Henry Mason Mathews
Gov. Homer Adams Holt
Greenbrier Baptist Church

West Virginia Veterans Memorial Biographies
Glenn Gene Adams
Earnest Hersea Angle
Paul Brown Armentrout
Dale Clarke Bailey
Ralph Lewis Boone
Thomas Edgar Clifford
Cecil B. Cohernour
William H. Corkrean Jr.
Roy Dwight Heaster
Melvin Grey Livesay
Gary Wayne Martini
Clio Bradford McKeever
Lawrence Alexander Meredith
Charles Asa Moffett
Gary Wayne Morgan
Ralph Eugene Pomeroy
Gerald Kermit Smith
Eskridge Allen Waggoner
Forrest Grey Williams

History of the American Negro Biographies
Edward Anderson Bolling
Matthew Lawrence Fairfax
Joseph Gay Grant
William Jackson

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