Crime and Punishment

Last Public Hanging
Matewan Massacre
Prison Riot, 1973
Individual Cases


"Thy Brother's Blood: Capital Punishment in West Virginia," by Stan Bumgardner and Christine Kreiser (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Executions in West Virginia
Letter from Warden of the West Virginia Penitentiary, 23 January 1905 (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
West Virginia Legislature Approves the Use of the Electric Chair (Time Trail)
Electric Chair Legislation
"'Mere Military Color': The State Police and Martial Law," by Merle T. Cole (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Legislation Creating the Department of Public Safety
Letter From Superintendent Jackson Arnold to Sam Taylor (First Trooper)
"New Superintendent of Police Body Here for the Organization"


Contemporary Articles on the Hatfield-McCoy Feud
Hatfield-McCoy Feud (Time Trail)
"Hatfield-McCoy Feud 75 Years Old Today"
"The Hatfield-McCoy Feud 100th Anniversary"
Sources on Devil Anse Hatfield and the Hatfield-McCoy Feud
Hatfield-McCoy Feud Photo Gallery
Hatfield Brothers Killed in Shootout (Time Trail)
"Recalls Slaying of Hatfield Boys" (Hatfield Brothers Killed in Shootout)
"A Triangular Shooting" (Hatfield Brothers Killed in Shootout)
"Pneumonia Ends Career of Devil Anse Hatfield"

Last Public Hanging

West Virginia's Last Public Hanging (Time Trail)
"State's Last Public Hanging In Ripley 53 Years Ago"

Matewan Massacre

Sources on the Matewan Massacre
Matewan Massacre (Time Trail)
Sid Hatfield's Murder Trial (Time Trail)

Prison Riot, 1973

Riot at West Virginia Penitentiary (Time Trail)
"40 Convicts Hold 5 Guards Hostage"
"Hostages Free; Governor Here For Pen Riot Settlement"
"State Police, National Guard Conduct Shakedown"
"Prison Settles Down To Routine Operation"

Individual Cases

Adkins Bankruptcy Case

Axis Sally

Bloch Kidnapping Plan

Lewis Collins Murder

Counterfeit Ring

William Seymour Douglas

Great Train Robbery at Central Station

Greenbrier Ghost

John Hardy

John Jennings Murder

Harry Powers

J. P. Thatcher Murder


Sources on the Cliftonville Riot
Hemphill Train Wreck
Labor Leader Mother Jones Arrested (Time Trail)
"The Death of Constable Riggs: Ethnic Conflict in Marion County in the World War I Era," by Charles H. McDonald (West Virginia History)
Murder of McDowell County Deputy Sheriff William Johnson Tabor

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