Ohio County


Population 2010 Census: 28,486
Median Age: 45.2 years

Courthouse: Completed 1960
Architect: Frederic H. Faris

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Formed: 1776
Named: For the Ohio River, Indian name meaning "great river"
County Seat: Wheeling
Land in Square Miles: 105.82
Population 2010 Census: 44,443
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 420.0

Primary Sources Online
Attack at Fort Henry, 1777
Foreman Massacre, 1777
Battle of Captina, 1782
Wheeling Hospital, 1850
B&O Arrival in Wheeling, 1853
Wheeling Suspension Bridge
First Wheeling Convention, 1861
Incorporation of Logan Tribe No. 21 IORM in Wheeling, 1861
Gubernatorial Inaugurations in Wheeling
Case of Taylor Strauder, 1874
Telephone Office Established in Wheeling, 1880
West Virginia Immigration Convention, 1888
Labor Conference in Wheeling, 1897
President Teddy Roosevelt in Wheeling, 1902
Opening of Virginia Theatre, 1908
Madonna of the Trails Monument Unveiled, 1928
Bloch Kidnapping Plot, 1934
Eleanor Steber Performs in Wheeling, 1940
Joe McCarthy in Wheeling, 1950
Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon in Wheeling, 1952
1960 Presidential Campaign in Ohio County
West Virginia Centennial Celebration in Wheeling, 1963

Jerry West/Charleston All Stars in Wheeling, 1960   (dialup)    (broadband)
Walter Reuther at WV Centennial Celebration, 1963   (dialup)    (broadband)

Civil War
The Workingmen's Union Meeting at the Atheneum on Saturday Night, 1861
Serenade to Messrs. Sweeney and Pendleton, 1861
The Demonstration Saturday Night, 1861
Convention Election, 1861
Arrest of Maj. A. Loring, 1861
Arrest of Secessionists, 1861
Mass Meeting at the Atheneum, 1861
The Great Pumpkin Flood, 1861
Meeting of the Ladies Knitting Association, 1861
Mass Meeting at Triadelphia, 1861
Liquor Sellers and the Soldiers, 1861
Report of the Ladies Aid Society, 1861
Federal Court, 1861
Supper at Washington Hall, 1862
Manufacture of Shell in Wheeling, 1862
The Great Wind Storm Yesterday, 1862
Soldiers Aid Society, 1862
Mr. Carlile's Speech, 1862
Meeting at the Courthouse on Saturday, 1862
Meeting at West Liberty, 1862
Great War Meeting Last Night, 1862
Address to the Ladies of Wheeling, 1862
Act Regarding Wheeling Council, 1863
New State Meeting Last Night, 1863
New State Meeting in District No. 1, Ohio County, 1863
Butternut Meeting at Triadelphia, 1863
New State Meeting, 1863
New State Meeting, 1863
West Liberty Meeting, 1863
Meeting in the 4th Ward Saturday Last, 1863
County Convention, 1863
Parade of the Militia, 1863
The Militia Disbanded, 1863
A Court of Inquiry, 1863
Militia Elections, 1863
Federal Court, 1863
Habeas Corpus Writ in the Case of Judge Thompson, 1863
Charged with Abusing a Female Prisoner, 1863
The Gunboat Expedition, 1863
The Legislature after John Morgan, 1863
The Festival, 1863
Difficulty of Preserving Order, 1863
Complimentary to the Ladies of Wheeling, 1863
General Sigel to Speak in Wheeling To-Night, 1863
Meeting at the Courthouse, 1863
Relief Meeting, 1863
The Reception Ceremonies, 1864
Washington's Birth-day, 1864
State Penitentiary, 1864
All Honor to the Ladies of Triadelphia and Vicinity, 1864
Wheeling Sanitary Fair, 1864
Grand Ratification Meeting at Courthouse, 1864
Meeting of Ladies Union Aid Society, 1864
Meeting at Union Campaign Club Rooms, 1864
Union Mass Meeting at Courthouse, 1864
McClellan Club, 1864
Raising of Lincoln and Johnson Pole, 1864
Lincoln and Johnson Meeting, 1864
Meeting at the Central Club Saturday Night, 1864
Meeting at the Union Campaign Club Rooms, 1864
Speech of Gen. Kelley, 1864
The Election Yesterday, 1864
Union Meeting at the Courthouse, 1864
Thanksgiving Day, 1864
Ladies Soldiers' Aid Society, 1864
Ohio County Board of Supervisors meeting, 1864
Draft Meeting of the People of the Eighth Sub-District, 1865
The Draft, 1865
Board of Supervisors, 1865
Enrollment Lists, 1865
Ohio County Union Militia Letters, Folder 3
Ohio County Union Militia Rosters

Photographs of Schools in Ohio County
Soldiers in front of buildings at Camp Willey, Wheeling Island, 1862
Decorated Christmas tree and mural/diorama, Wheeling, 1906
Girl Scouts examine a black snake, Camp Giscowheco, Triadelphia, 1920s.
Monument Place, Wheeling
Old Stone Bridge on the National Road, Wheeling
Wheeling Suspension Bridge, 1887
Elizabeth Zane at Fort Henry

Secondary Sources Online
List of Ohio County Legislators
"Story of Fort Henry," by A. B. Brooks (West Virginia History)
"West Virginia Women's Organizations, 1880s-1930 or "Unsexed Termagants . . . Help the World Along"," by Barbara J. Howe (West Virginia History)
"Betty Zane, Lydia Boggs, and Molly Scott: The Gunpowder Exploits at Fort Henry," by William Hintzen (West Virginia History)
"Wheeling's Athenaeum 1854-1868," by Edward L. Phillips (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"Hazel-Atlas: A Home-Grown Corporation," Joan Weiskircher (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)

West Virginia Veterans Memorial Biographies
Bernard W. Adams
Harold W. Adams Jr.
George Brozovich
Russell H. Cracraft
Edwin Russell Danehart
Robert Lee Hull
Frederick William Elkes
James Herbert Mikels Jr.
William C. Rhodes
William Aschman Riheldaffer
Clarence Virgil Slack Jr.
Alice M. Young

History of the American Negro Biographies
George Augustus Banks
Charles Edward Hodges
Ethelbert Shelton Kennedy

Teacher Resources

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