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Roney’s Point

Stone Tavern at Roney's Point, Jct of Roney's Point Road and US 40 [2] National Road MPS

Triadelphia Vicinity

David Stewart Farm, (Rock Valley Farm) Dallas Pike, CR 43 (5/29/79) [9]

West Liberty

Shaw Hall, West Liberty State College Campus, Bethany Pike (12/27/96) [1]

Shotwell Hall, West Liberty State College Campus, Bethany Pike (12/27/96) [1]

West Liberty Presbyterian Church, Main Street (7/3/80) [1] (DEMOLISHED)


Beagle Hotel, mile W of Valley Grove Road, [2] National Road MPS

Cathedral Parish School, 14th and Byron Streets (1/9/97) [1]

Centre Market Square Historic District, Roughly Market Street between 20th and 23rd Sts (1/12/84) [50]

Centre Market Square Historic District (Boundary Increase), W side of Main from Alley 19 to 20th St; Chapline, Eoff, and Charles Sts bounded by Lane C, 22nd and 24th Sts (2/25/87) [131]

Centre Wheeling Market, Market Street between 22nd and 23rd (2/20/75) [1]

Chapline Street Row Historic District, 2301-2333 Chapline St (1/12/84) [8]

East Wheeling Historic District, Roughly bounded by Chapline, Eoff, 18th, Mccolloch, 12th and 11th Streets, (11/22/1999) [301]

"Edemar" (Stifel Fine Arts Center), 1330 National Road (5/28/92) [4]

Elm Grove Stone Arch Bridge, US 40 and SR 88 (8/21/81) [1]

Feay Inn, 9 Burkham Court [1] National Road MPS

Fisher-Lasch Farmhouse, 100 Waddles Run Road (7/21/95) [1]

Harry C. and Jessie F. Franzheim House, 404 S. Front Street (3/27/89) [1]

L.S. Good House, 95 14th Street (11/28/88) [1]

Robert W. Hazlett House, 921 N. Main Street (5/2/91) [1]

Highland Park Historic District, Highland Park, jct of Lincoln Drive and National Road (4/7/93) [12]

La Belle Iron Works, 31st Street & Wood (11/24/ 97) [4] (DEMOLISHED)

Henry K. List House, (Red Cross Building) 827 Main Street (10/4/78) [1]

John McClure House, 203 S. Front Street (8/5/91) [1]

Johnson Camden McKinley House ("Willow Glen") 147 Bethany Pike (8/18/83) [1]

Lang-Hess House, 1625 Wood Street (3/22/06)

Monroe Street East Historic District, 12th and Byron Sts (2/12/80) [6]

Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy, 410 Washington Avenue (11/27/78) [1] (DEMOLISHED)

Mt. Woods Cemetery, Mt. Wood Rd., N. of 4th (09/04/2013)

National Road Mile Markers, Numbers 8, 9, 10,11, 13, 14 along National Road or US 40 [6] National Road MPS

North Wheeling Historic District, Roughly bounded by Main Street Terrace, Market St, I-70 and N. Main Street (12/9/88) [115]

North Wheeling Historic District (boundary increase), Roughly bound by 6th, Main, & Market Streets, and Main St. Terr. (1/17/08)

H.C. Ogden House, 12 Park Road (7/12/90) [2]

Oglebay Mansion Museum (Waddington Farm) Bethany Pike, Oglebay Park (8/29/79) [1]

Riverside Iron Works Office Building, 1507-1509 Main Street (3/17/15)

Charles W. Russell House, 75 12th Street, (11/12/93) [1]

Shepherd Hall, (Monument Place), Kruger Street in Elm Grove (12/18/70) [1]

South Wheeling Historic District, Roughly bounded by WV 2, 31st, 41st & Chapline Sts., March 5, 2020

William Miles Tiernan House, 5 Kenwood Place (3/25/93) [1]

Warwood Firehouse, 1609 Warwood Avenue (5/2/96) [1]

West Virginia Independence Hall, 1528 Market Street, NR(8/25/70) (NHL 6/20/89) [1]

National Road Corridor Historic District, National Road from Bethany Pike to Park View Lane [139] National Road MPS

Wheeling Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Passenger Station, College Square, 1700 Market Street (3/7/79) [1]

Wheeling Historic District, (Roughly bounded by 17th Street, Water St, 10th St, and Eoff Street (12/31/79) [200]

Wheeling Island Historic District, Roughly bounded by Stone, Front, North, Ontario, Erie and Wabash Streets (4/2/92) [1123]

Wheeling Island Historic District, Additional Documentation (11/12/97)

Wheeling Suspension Bridge, Over Ohio River from 10th St in downtown, to Virginia St on Wheeling Island NR(10/15/66)[1] (NHL 5/15/75)

Wheeling Warehouse Historic District, roughly along Main Street, Water Street, 21st Street, 22nd Street, South Street, 18th Street, Eoff Street, and Chapline Street (12/16/02)

Robert C. Woods House, 923 N. Main Street (5/2/91) [1]

Woodsdale-Edgwood Neighborhood Historic District, Roughly bounded by Orchard Road, Edgwood St, Carmel Road, Bae-Mar Road, Lenox to Wheeling Creek, Pine Street to Park Road (3/21/97) [969]

Woodridge, 1308 Steenrod Avenue (7/6/05)

Wheeling Vicinity

Carter Farm ("Everbreeze"), Boggs Hill Road, NE of Wheeling (8/18/83) [2]

"Elm Hill" (Campbell-Bloch House), SR 88 or Bethany Pike (12/4/91) [4]

Mount Saint Joseph, 137 Mt. Saint Joseph Road (1/07/08)

Wheeling Country Club, 355 Bethany Pike (4/26/90) [5]